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Day 42: Sticky situation for Pere and Whitemoney – BBNaija

04 September 2021
Pere causes more wahala over his missing face towel and pillow.
PERE and Whitemoney

Whichever Housemate has sticky fingers had Pere so fed up, he took to addressing the entire House about his frustrations.

Pere approached the Housemates in the Kitchen and confronted those present about his missing towels and pillows. However, in his approach to addressing the matter, Pere ended up on the offensive as he shushed Housemates from talking – explicitly telling them to shut up.
Cross stepped in and tried to add some comic relief to the situation by saying there’s joy in sharing, and he should not worry about his missing pillow. However, Pere’s dismissive demeanour when Whitemoney tried to speak to him escalated the situation. Queen tried to add her two cents to the situation, and it turned ugly as quickly as she tried to get involved, as Pere silenced her.

The two Housemates hurled a few insults at each other with Queen exclaiming that she's not one to be messed with.

Although other Housemates tried to calm the situation down, it didn’t stop it from being the hottest topic in the House, especially seeing how it also ended up with Whitemoney being caught in the cross-fire of Pere’s frustrations. Angel is of the mind that Pere’s actions to upset Whitemoney may now be deliberate as he never chooses his words wisely when addressing him.

However, all hope is not lost. Although tempers were flaring, Whitemoney took the first step to call a meeting with Saga, Boma and Pere in the Games Room. He laid down his feelings and addressed the tensions between him and Pere by telling him how he’s feeling extremely disrespected by Pere’s behaviour. He calmly asked him to re-evaluate the way he approaches him and addresses him as they are all equals in Biggie’s House.

Although there was no apology in sight, the guys took a mature approach and ironed out their issues and we are glad to see them resolve their differences.

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