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Day 41: Here are your faves' Pet Names – BBNaija

03 September 2021
The Housemates let us in on some very delicate details of their lives.
BBNaija your faves nicknames

Today’s Diary Sessions were interesting, to say the least!

Big Brother called each Housemate into the Diary Room to find out what they would purchase on the BB Token Gameplay Market, the nature of their relationships in the House and our personal favourite – their Pet Names outside the #BBNaija House.

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BB Token Gameplay Wishlist

You guessed it! Everyone is craving Immunity, but it costs 2000 BB Tokens – and none of the Housemates are close to reaching this target. Saga had to be reminded by Biggie that he would have to win the Friday Night Abeg Task tonight if he wanted to accumulate some of that BB Tokens. Whitemoney came through with a different type of wish. He said he would possibly use his BB Tokens to call his godmother. “She represents my mum, and she means a lot to me,” he said. Jackie B also said she would use her Tokens to call her son who she missed dearly. 💗

Evolving relationships

Over the last six weeks, we have witnessed relationships and friendships morphing from one form to another in the #BBNaija House. Biggie posed simple questions to the Housemates, which required some precise responses.

“How do you think your relationships in the house have changed over time? Do you have new friends? Have you kept your old friendships?”

It looks like Boma is not very popular with some of the Housemates, but he has managed to find favour with others. He has successfully landed himself in Angel, Nini, Queen and Pere’s bad books. Cross vibes with Boma but he has been warned by the previous mentioned Housemates about his “manipulative” ways. The tensions have been high, especially after the fight that broke out between Boma and Angel yesterday and the ongoing gbas gbos between him and Queen. Boma, however, opened up about Tega being his new friend since they are "bed neighbours" and from the time she injured her shoulder during a Task. 

Michael mentioned to Biggie that he feels he had been driving his Ship with Jackie too fast and claims that they are now driving their "friendship" at a good speed. He also feels that his bond with Saga has grown and he is literally his reflection! 

Other Housemates have developed new friendships over the last week. Saskay has grown to like Pere over the last few days. “He was trying to be an adult and the oldest person in the House, but now he is a lot more friendly,” she said. Liquorose feels like she has made friends with all the Housemates and her bonds with Michael and Emmanuel would bever be broken. We can’t wait to see this playing out on the outside!😄

The Housemates’ Pet Names

Oh! today we had the privilege to get to know what the #BBNaija Housemates are passionately called back home. We have compiled an interesting list for you.

Check their names out:


Pet Name


Angel; Totoroto; JB


Bonzy; Bomzy, Baby Boy (in relationships)


Cross the Boss; Crucificio


Silencer; Mr Africa

Jackie B

Treasure; Mommy; JB; Jay;


Ekrang; Junior; Mr Flames


Okeke; Oskongo; Periwinkle; Rosa the Great; Baby-boo; Rozy


Ebusco; Sensei; Cece; SM; Sir Mike; Solo Mikey, 


Nini; Ninisco; Ninchi; Totori


Baby; Borak


Pee Pee; Perez


Mercy; Mehe; Mama; Diama


Saga; Ade, Adeolu


Popo; Kuts kuts


Diama (daughter); Mommy; Baby; Jama; Tegsmami


Igbokidi; White; Whitey



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