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Day 4: The Housemates got talent! – BBNaija

28 July 2021
From the Task Presentation preps, to all the other moments in-between, it is clear our Housemates are a talented bunch.
BBNaija Housemates got talent

Biggie’s House is electrifying this year and is filled with interesting, talented individuals that are eager to share their amazing abilities. 

We were all taken by surprise when the Housemates gave us an impromptu talent show tonight while they were lounging around in the #BBNaija garden. They let us in on some of their special musical gifts which we might see unfold in full force during this Shine Ya Eye Season.  

All the disc jockeys get your record players together because Yerins the Polymath is in the House! This multitalented fellow showed us that he is a jack of all trades and could be the master of one – music. He first passionately sang his own song called ‘Dreams’ as well as another with three verses, including a special hook for the Big Brother Show.  

“You better shine eye for yeah! You no go see road if you cry for yeah. We dey hustle till the day when we die for yeah. If you no strong no go fi survive,” he went on. He explained that the inspiration behind his songs was his move to Lagos in 2020 where he wanted to explore the hard life that people were going through in the state.  

His fellow Housemates vibed, until it was Whitemoney’s turn on the mic. “I remember when I used to suffer, I remember when I used to hunger,” he freestyled, much to the excitement of his fellow Housemates.  

Jaypaul didn’t miss a beat and gave us an authentic fusion of sounds in his performance. Staying true to his style, he made us remember the night all the male Housemates gathered in the Executive Lounge.  

Jaypaul also sang a song called ‘Rambo Rambo’ which he dropped in 2020. In the spirit of all things musical, Cross jumped in for five seconds, with an attempt at Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ and we also saw Niyi showing off his rapping capabilities with a song he claims he wrote before entering the BBNaija House. 

John Legend better watch out because Pere is coming for his piano! He confidently sang the legend’s song titled ‘Ordinary People’ surprising us with his smooth vocals and high notes.  

Angel, who we have seen singing in the House for the last few days shared that she has performance anxiety, but went on to give the Housemates a music mashup of various popular songs. Her time in the kitchen earlier today had her hitting a few notes too and we couldn't help but notice how lovely her voice is. 

Beatrice also came out of her shell and shocked us with some rap lines and received a lot of hype from her fellow Housemates, who eventually all joined in for a fun sing-along.  

With the Task Presentation just around the corner, we are super excited to see the awesome performance we anticipate from this talented bunch.

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