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Day 36: Maria hurt over Pere and Queen - BBNajja

29 August 2021
Maria draws a line in the sand with Pere.

Maria and Pere's tumultuous ship took an unexpected turn last night, just before the Saturday Night Party.

Maria and Pere, who have been avoiding each other for the last week or so, finally had a private conversation where Maria expressed her hurt over Pere and Queen's recent dirty dancing and cuddling exploits, referring to them as "embarrassing".

She went a step further, realising that more of  * that * dancing was probably on the cards at the party – and asked Pere to not dance with Queen. Pere apologised and expressed how willing he was to kneel, if that would guarantee Maria's forgiveness. "I really am sorry. Queen came to me and I didn't want to embarrass her by pushing her away," Pere said, agreeing to stay away from Queen on the dance-floor.

That seemed to make Maria happy. She spent her party preps with a twinkle in her eye, and happily engaged with her fellow Housemates, despite having broken down and cried just before her conversation with Pere.

Pere kept his promise and avoided Queen all night, but still found himself inching his way towards where Queen was dancing. This didn't escape Maria's sharp eye and she also inched her way to that very corner and was grinding on Pere by the time the party started to wind down.

After the party, the gist got extra juicy as Maria complained about Queen in a conversation with Angel and Pere in the garden. An annoyed Maria threw jabs such as "I don't understand why you were dancing with a girl like that" and "Queen is stupid and not focused". Whew!

Angel, who is oblivious to the premium gist about her that was spilled in the Executive Lounge by Maria, Peace and Nini, also shared her concerns about how Queen acted around Sammie, revealing how Queen had asked for a massage from Sammie – and had moaned in the process. She was, however, quick to tell Maria only Pere owed her loyalty – and not Queen.

Maria has always insisted she doesn't like Pere in a romantic way and told him as much infront of the rest of the House. Although Pere has revealed something intimate had happened between himself and Maria in the HoH Room, he was confused about why she was denying it. He then stepped back and told Boma he doesn't like her like that anymore.

After Pere put a distance between himself and the former object of his affections, Maria also decided to do the same. Things came to a head however, when Pere built a close friendship with Queen, culminating in last night's complaints and today's early morning gist.

Do you think Maria is in love with Pere, but doesn't want to show it?

Maria, Pere and Queen are all facing the possible Eviction chop tonight – and it will be interesting to see how this story unfolds should one (or more) leave.

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