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Day 32: Whitemoney introspects about love – BBNaija

25 August 2021
Whitemoney's intimate chat with JMK sheds light on his take on shipping in the House.

In today’s conversation with JMK, Whitemoney introspected about his private life and how pivotal it is for him to learn as much as he can in the House before he walks out the door. He stressed that his stance stems from not being able to do so outside, especially his love life. 

Whitmenoney shared that he likes being comfortable around the ladies. As an emotional person, he wants to be able to talk to every woman and still be able to form meaningful connections without a bias from his carnal urges. Well, friendships make a good foundation for relationships after all and Whitemoney just wants female G’s. 

He believes the reason he’s not shared a bed with any of the ladies in the House is because he’s been single for a long while and enjoys his personal space. This complication comes with Queen and JMK showing extensive interest in him in the last few days and we wonder if he will warm up to one of the ladies.  

Later in the day, Whitemoney  opened up to Queen in the garden about his standpoint with her. He liked the way she looked upset and sounded emotional about her being with JMK. He relayed that her emotions have been piling up but she doesn’t have to get upset about him being away from her with other people.  

With 5 weeks into the House, Whitemeoney’s take on possible shipping had been unclear but we are excited for him. In his own words, facing a problem means you’re one step closer to dealing with it and we hope he steps up and takes on this learning curve. 

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