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Day 30: Boma’s gist about Queen – BBNaija

23 August 2021
The guys took some time out to analyse Ships and cruise in the House
BBNaija Bomas gist about Queen

While the reality of still being in the #BBNaija House was clicking, some Housemates took to their corners to talk about some of their uncomfortable situations especially Boma's love triangle and the friendzone situation between Saga and Nini.

After the workout session, Boma, who believes he has been shaking tables since day one, told Jackie B that Queen was acting like a baby. He was laughing at a statement she said a few days into the House - “I want a Whitemoney, with Pere’s height and Boma’s body.” Let the girl dream a little, why not? 😶

They moved on to talking about how people rush to add labels to relationships and Jackie B mentioned that she was unhappy about Housemates attaching her to Michael. Having said this, who hasn’t noticed that the sis has been attaching herself since the day Michael stepped into Biggie’s House?

Boma couldn’t shake off the topic about him possibly shipping with Queen because, as far as he is concerned, he has been single in the House being the real okra – too slippery to handle. He is also not trying to be possessed by any woman in the House. “I have been single for four weeks and I have been the same way since I got in here because I know people would want to possess me.” He is not trying to be cornered by any lady in the House. He gave himself the title ‘Okra’ saying he is living up to that name because it makes him unpredictable. 

Talking to Michael, Emmanuel and Whitemoney, Boma said that he is trying to protect himself. We are not entirely sure who is in the offence or defence because Queen has also been confiding in Housemates she trusts, wondering why Boma led her on and gave a different impression. Ebuka completely shook her life because she didn't see the mention of her love triangle coming!

In the spirit of gist, Michael, Pere and Boma had a philosophical moment discussing singleness in the House and other Ships. They had a lot to say about Saga and Nini. 😂 According to Boma, Saga gets sad when Nini talks to other guys. "Saga would be sad when I’d step aside and talk to Nini. Even Maria would laugh and tell me I'm making him sad," Boma said as the gents laughed heartilyThey are certain that Saga is all in with pursuing Nini, after he confessed she was his ‘path’. The guys are convinced that Nini is a great girl, but she is okra, and is capable of suddenly disappearing or ‘ghosting’ you. Michael also claimed that Nini has told him she likes him. 😲  "When I walked into the House, we flirted while Saga was next to her and she later told the girls they can have me now, but I will be hers at the end of the day, outside all this."

Oh boy, the guys have us confused and stuck glaring at our screens as we try to keep up with their confessions and contradictions. Clearly, the Ship-ment is part of their game plan and they have started seeing through some of their fellow Housemates’ strategies.

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