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Day 28: Everybody is a winner – BBNaija

21 August 2021
Millionaires, Task celebrations and new Shipping opportunities continue.
BBNaija everybody is winner

The Abeg Friday Night Task saw all of the #BBNaija Housemates winning amazing cash prizes and a Jacuzzi Party to top it off! Some Housemates finally celebrated victory and others won a little more than the rest.

The richest

Angel was a member of Team Giveaways which won after giving an astounding recital of their Abeg music video. She has been walking in luck as most of the teams she was a part of won Tasks this Season. “I don’t talk to broke people,” she said as she playfully mocked some of her fellow Housemates who will have low bank accounts. She sang her celebratory tunes, reminding everyone of her riches into the Jacuzzi party. 

Finally winning

Tega finally won their first Task since they entered the House this Season. Tega who recently expressed her frustrations about not winning anything in yesterday’s Diary Session was part of Team Giveaways which won N500 000 each for winning the second part of the Abeg Friday Night Task.  

Michael and Jackie B

Michael had been rather annoyed by Jackie B since the time Whitemoney and Pere had a misunderstanding in the House. According to Michael’s reiteration of events to more than three Housemates, Jackie B had been giving him attitude and snubbing him after that incident. The two eventually reconciled at the Jacuzzi party after having an open and honest conversation. “ We are not kids. You can tell me to leave you alone,” he said to her. He also said that he wants Jackie B to keep him in her head and not her heart because “it’s crowded”. We are not sure if these words are a compliment or criticism but the guy certainly has a way with words!

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It seems as if Michael is back in pursuit of Jackie B’s attention but is he not the same guy who told Boma that he didn’t want anything from her and she was not his type? Could these have been just the words of a sour man? By the time the Jacuzzi Party took off, the two Housemates had shared an intimate dance and promises of a friendship with benefits. We will see how long this arrangement lasts.

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