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Day 24: Saga’s bidding for reconciliation – BBNaija

17 August 2021
A road to reconciliation for Pere and Whitemoney.
Saga Recon Article

In the early hours of the morning, Pere and Whitemoney descended into a heated disagreement, eclipsing all the fun games the Housemates got up to throughout the night. 

During their cleaning session, Whitemoney took Saga aside to chat about the incident indicating that he doesn’t understand why there is tension between him and Pere. He relayed his guesses to be premised on him knowing that Pere was a Wildcard and the speculation that he may have been told by someone. However, this may have struck a nerve with Pere. Saga listened attentively and made sure to give comfort to Whitemoney for his frustration. 

In the Game’s Lounge, Saga had a little tête-à-tête with Pere about these flaring tensions in the House. He encouraged him to play an active role and not just wait for the tension to go away. 

Pere is letting Saga's words of wisdom sink in. Thanks to Saga, chief mediator, the beef between Pere and Whitemoney may soon be a thing of the past.

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