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Day 22: Week 3 in Biggie’s House – BBNaija

15 August 2021
Whew, what a week! At least it ended with a graduation.

The third week in the BBNaija House was filled with plot twists, situationships and a lot of wahala. Buckle up, this ride is a little bumpy.

New Housemates

Biggie’s surprise Housemates shocked the House with their unexpected entry during the Live Eviction show last Sunday. Their entrance lived up to the theme of the season the Housemates were getting rather comfortable and didn’t anticipate new editions to the House. However, the new Housemates have settled in and are scattering relationships that we thought would fully bloom over time.

Head of House Games

The Housemates battled it out in the Arena on Monday for the Head of House crown; Pere held the lead and emerged the winner of the games. His reign was not going to be complete without picking Maria as his Deputy. Maria got a little excited, forgetting the House rules so much that she invited some Housemates to the Lounge without Big Brother’s permission. This landed her in hot water, and she got barred from being in the HoH Lounge for the next two weeks – even if she were to win HoH Games.

Wahala everywhere

Pere’s reign came with a bittersweet twist to it, and he used his authority to shake a few tables. This HoH decided to take a stern, militaristic approach to his rule. His tenure came with new changes to the House – from sacking Whitemoney from the kitchen and appointing a new kitchen cabinet and then revising his plan to divide the Housemates into groups of seven, each responsible for its own cooking. We couldn’t keep up with the changes, but what’s certain is that there were growing food woes in the House.

Pere called it strategy and took to reminding Housemates that holding a “kitchen monopoly” is Whitemoney’s strategy. The tension was rife, and the final implosion came after Boma confronted Pere on his lack of foresight over food shortages.


Where do broken ships go?

A Diary Session that exposed secret crushes, possible ships and those in confusing or complex situationships gave us all the tea we have been waiting for. Sammie and Angel broke up in a heated fight over a Truth or Dare session. Jackie B and Michael seem to be in a triangle of their own with Angel. Cross is "just vibes" with Saskay, but it’s a little more complicated than we think – it always is. Jaypaul and Yousef have their eyes set on Saskay as well, while Angel and Princess are eyeing Cross. Boma, on the other hand, is not here for the cruise with Queen, and Kayvee isn’t as attracted to Angel as we thought. The hurt doesn’t stop with the Shine Ya Eye geng; each day we mourned scattered ships and we are curious to know whether they might be salvaged.

It has been an eventful week, and – with the way tensions were flaring – we can’t wait to see what Week Four has in store for us.

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