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Day 11: A sobering Diary Session – BBNaija

04 August 2021
It has been a couple of eye-opening days for the Housemates.
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The Diary Session that took place after the first Nomination show exposed the fact that some of the Housemates had not yet realised the importance of the phrase ‘Shine Ya Eye’.  

Nini was the first one to be called in for the Diary Session where she admitted to dismissing everyone who hinted Maria as a Wildcard. She also seems to be holding on to a lot of information, however, because she doesn't want to be stepping on anyone's toes especially Maria. She revealed that she has learned not to be too trusting going forward in the game. 

Cross went in after Nini, mentioning that he misses his mother. He also requested that Big Brother give them enough drinks, but he has also realised that he needs to be more focused on the game.  

Saskay came in afterwards, saying that she had a panic attack for the first time in her life and it was triggered by Ebuka's statement when he said they were boring, during the Live Show. This was right before she mentioned how Yousef and Jaypaul are making her uncomfortable by confessing their love to her. Without holding back, she spoke of Arin being rude and Pere having too much sexual energy. It is fascinating how quick it took for her to pick up on these Housemate’s characteristics. 

Nominated Housemates, Yousef and Beatrice said they would try to be more fun in the House. Beatrice admitted it was tough being behind closed doors with people she doesn't know, because they seem to always find fault in whatever she does.  

On the other hand, fellow Nominee Whitemoney, whose Diary Session came after Beatrice’s, said he's happy with the recognition the show has given him, and he understands that it is a game. Niyi walked into the session with #positivevibes and shared that he was sure he would remain in the House as he was being his true self. 

Maria gave her reasons why she Nominated her selected Housemates, but she also said she had no reason why she Nominated Whitemoney, because she liked him as a friend. 

Tega told Biggie that the Wildcard thing had disturbed her peace. She had to brace for what was coming by being mentally ready for her future in the reality show. She emphasised on the need for focus and paying attention to details during the game. 

Sammie who has been feeling dribbled in his emerging Ship with Angel talked about having self-confidence and developing stamina thanks to being in the #BBNaija House.  

During Peace’s Diary Session, she reflected on her need to stop being too sure. Adding that she is just naturally a trusting person, but she shouldn’t expect everything to go as planned. Jaypaul who was saved by the Head of House Boma from Nomination spoke of how he didn’t anticipate being Nominated. He said, “It was a shock to me, and I didn’t see it coming at the end of the Wildcard thing.” By the end of his session he added, "Right now, my respect for Pere has tripled because he played his part very well.” 

In Arin’s session, she expressed that she liked Boma as the HoH and believed they were in good hands. Regarding the Evictions, she thought she would be up for Nomination after the fights that she has had in the House.  

Saga was all smiles and joy in the Diary Room saying that he was just trying to be happy and still settling into the House and everyone’s dynamic. He added that he felt as if he was played by Pere, but he acknowledged that this is a game, and he must keep his eyes peeled moving forward.  

Princess shared that one of her biggest lessons thus far in the House were that she has learned how to relax as a hot-tempered person, but she has been able to keep her cool in these past few days. Emmanuel who was visibly emotional about discovering that Liquorose was not a Wildcard shared how he keeps listening to opinions and arguing while time is being wasted. His biggest lesson in the game so far has been patience.  

Liquorose told Biggie that she wished to have the super talent to read minds. This past weekend was a reality check for her because she had kind of forgotten that she shouldn’t be caught sleeping or too comfortable in the game. Apart from her love interest in Sammie, Angel shared how she has learned how to coexist with other people because she says she is usually all to herself outside the House. 

It is a sobering fact that only one of them can be the grand prize winner, but we are keen to see what steps the Housemates take next to remain in the #BBNaija House.  

Beatrice, Niyi, Whitemoney, Yerins and Yousef have been Nominated for Eviction this Sunday You can VOTE to Save your favourite Housemate via the Africa Magic website HERE and the Africa Magic mobile site by selecting contestants of your choice and entering your number of votes and click VOTE. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user. You can also download the MyGOtv and MyDStv Apps for additional Votes. Votes are free and Votes are allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 9pm on Thursday, August 5, 2021.