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Ebuka shattered these tables sha! – BBNaija

14 July 2020
Don’t be fooled by his pretty face; when the situation calls for it, Ebuka has no problem throwing more shade than an eclipse in the slickest ways possible.
Ebuka the table shaker

You thought Biggie was savage last Season? Well, have you met Ebuka? Let’s throw it back to the times Ebuka got the Pepper Dem Housemates comfortable on their tables, then went ahead to break the tables into pieces.

Who would have thought that a question would break the internet this bad?

Without even having to think far back into this, don’t you think we need to pay honorary mention to the quote that scattered the internet? “How much of a role did Mawuli play in this?” We can’t even deny that Ebuka read our minds at the Pepper Dem Reunion when the Dialo pair were playing with our heads on how the famous MG became an important force in their ship. After merry-go-rounding for long minutes, Ebuka in his natural calm self threw the bomb out there and had everyone screaming “AHHHH”.

This tweet captured our thoughts. Check this out! 😂

Even Ebuka had to respond to it… #GuiltyAsCharged?

Eviction saves the day!

Since when did BB Naija Housemates become excited to be Evicted from the House? Well, since Ebuka added another feather to his table-breaking hat. Do you remember the night Gedoni was Evicted from the House and he dropped his knees to thank his stars from saving him from the trouble brewing?

(*puts on amebo cap*) So here’s what happened: Prior to his Eviction announcement, Ebuka asked Gedoni what was going on between himself and Venita. Gedoni tried avoiding answering the question directly and for this reason, Ebuka poked him further by asking him to explain his reasons for allowing Venita to gossip about his woman right to his face. Just before we could get a reaction from Khafi on this issue, Ebuka announced Gedoni’s Eviction.

While we look back at this funny moment, we want to put it out there to Khadoni that we’re awaiting our invitation letters ooo. Congratulations guys, we love you!

Ebuka seems to have a thing for causing commotion during Eviction sha! *Playing gbas gbos by Fireboy*. Unfortunately, Cindy was a victim of these cold hands, sorry girl!

Remember this savage Eviction? What beats us is how he managed to keep a straight face while at it. This life no balance sha!

Missed this? We got you!

Very well deserved?

Lol how Ebuka go yarn Elozonam say the punishment wey dem give am, him deserve am? This was the case of the missing Ultimate VPH box after Elozonam told Ebuka how he earned Biggie’s punishment after losing the box. While Elozonam was trying to get some sympathy as he narrated this story, Ebuka casually dropped this, “So, the punishment was well deserved then.” Can you imagine? 

We bet everyone is now aware of the characteristics of a winner...

On this Sunday Night Live Show, Ebuka mentioned that some Housemates (Tacha and Elozonam) were talking about how some Housemates were not eligible to be winners of the Season. On this note, he said, “Tacha, since you know so much about what a winner should be like, tell us the characteristics of a winner.” Trust spicy Tacha to also counter this by replying “Tacha, Tacha, Tacha”.

Drunk fingers

The BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion did not escape Ebuka's table-shaking moments and no matter how hard the Housemates tried to conceal sweet gist from the viewers, Ebuka always managed to swiftly put on a smile as he got the juice out of them; of course, not without vigorously shaking tables.

As much as Elozonam tried not to mention any names as he narrated the drunk moments that featured in the Pepper Dem House; Ebuka chipped in (while looking at Seyi), "Elozonam, just point at one person." Poor Elozonam fell into the trap and all fingers pointed towards the resident "alcohol-lover". 


While we look forward to more shattered tables this Season, share your favourite table-shaking moments from Ebuka and let us know on social media using the #BBNaija.

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