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Day 57: If days of the week were Housemates

14 September 2020
With seven Housemates left in the game, how about we play a fun game and identify which days of the week represent each of the Housemates?
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Who else agrees that days of the week have their own unique personalities? Each day has a different vibe attached to it. For instance, there’s a type of vibe and mood that comes with Mondays; meanwhile, Saturday gives us a whole different vibrant vibe.

To put it into perspective, we’ve been able to match up the top seven Housemates with the seven days of the week that just embody the spirit and vibe of each day.

Monday: Vee

Much like Vee, Mondays are usually very strict and awakening and when you wake up on a Monday morning, it feels like the day is screaming at you not to mess things up in the new week. Now, no better way to describe our disciplinarian in the Lockdown House who is ready to give you blunt and straight forward opinions when it calls for it. No one wears Mondays on their sleeves better than Vee. Do you agree?

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Tuesday: Trikytee

The second most serious day of the week is Tuesday and looking at Trikytee’s reign so far and the serious mood he gets in when he’s wearing his Director hat, the tranquility man sure represents this week.

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Wednesday: Nengi

Much like the vibe Nengi gives in the House, Wednesday is such a warm and calm day of the week, where everyone is practically relaxed and sailing through the week steady enough to make it till the end.

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Thursday: Neo

Amid waiting for Friday, we most times forget how relieving and exciting this day of the week can be. Just like we appreciate Neo’s sense of fashion and abs, let’s not forget to acknowledge the awesomeness Thursdays bring to an extremely long week. Is that you, Friday?

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Friday: Dorathy

TGIF! We all love this day of the week as much as the Housemates love Dorathy and if you take a look at her energy, humor, sarcasm and welcoming vibe, you’ll know that she wears the spirit of Fridays like a crown. Strutting into the weekend like...

1600071604 34 screenshot 2020 09 08 at 19.39.36

Saturday: Laycon

Have you seen Laycon on the Saturday Night Party dancefloor? No one gets as excited as Laycon when he sees the DJ and performing artiste of the night. Also, did we mention that his calm and laid-back style of fashion puts him right on this list?

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Sunday: Ozo

This day of the week is for relaxing and calm vibes only and we don’t know any better Lockdown Housemate to represent Sunday than Ozo.

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If you could describe yourself using a day of the week, what day would it be and why?

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