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Day 50: Five things the Housemates can do to get by

07 September 2020
We can't have our Housemates bored in the House, so we listed five things they could do to keep the good vibes going.
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With a smaller number of Housemates in the House, now more than ever, the Housemates need something to keep them engaged, entertained, and fight the boredom that may set in every now and then. So, what can they do in the meantime? We came up with five things they could do.

Board games

From cards to Ayo, Ludo, scrabble and their new favourite, ping pong, the Lockdown have a variety of games to engage them as the days go by. Not only will it keep them entertained, but it will also be a fun way for them to interact with each other and possibly forge a stronger bond. They just have to be on the lookout for serial game cheaters.

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Games night

Lucky for the Geng, their games’ oracle is still in the House and that means, there will be more fun nights to play daring and sensual games. The best part of their games’ night is that they won’t be the only ones engaged or entertained, we would too. Here’s hoping that now that there are fewer of them in the House, they will be more daring during Truth or Dare games.

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Another fun way for them to engage themselves is by actively participating in the Tasks laid out for them. From their Wager Task to sponsored Tasks, the Housemates have a lot of Tasks lined up that could keep occupied for a long stretch. If the Tasks aren’t enough to keep them engaged, which we doubt, then the prizes they could win after the successful completion of the Task should be enough motivation.

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Cook and Clean together

Chores that may naturally seem difficult are always a lot more fun when you have people doing it with you. The same thing applies here too. The Lockdown Geng can make their stay a lot more interesting by doing these chores together and maybe throwing a few jabs at each other to make the mood a light-hearted.

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Impromptu Skits

Just like the last time they had the internet buzzing with their wedding introduction drama that was completely unrehearsed, the Housemates can do more of that to get the feel-good vibes going. Who knows, maybe this time, they could do a skit about infidelity between the now-married couple. We will leave that decision entirely up to them. Whatever they do decide to do is fine.

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So these are the five things we could think of for now. We are sure the Housemates are open to suggestions, so feel free to tell us what you think they could do to get by as the day goes and they move closer to the finale.

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