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Day 48: Choose your Lockdown babe

05 September 2020
Do you have a certain female Lockdown crush? Would you like to find out if your crush suits you? Take this quiz to find out.
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Which female Lockdown Housemate would be the perfect babe for you? Here is your escape to an alternate reality with your ultimate Lockdown crush!

  • What’s your type?
  1. The cool, regal girl 
  2. The sassy girl 
  3. The pretty, homely girl 
  4. The playful, every guy’s girl 
  5. The confident girl
  • How do you want to spend your morning?
  1. Doing laundry
  2. Cleaning and making the house sparkle
  3. Cuddling up with bae
  4. Binging a trendy Netflix show
  5. Catching up with a friend
  • What would you rather do on a Saturday night?
  1. Play games
  2. Cook a variety of meals
  3. Party all night long
  4.  Watch a comedy show on Netflix and chill
  5. Go to a musical show or concert
  • Your ideal babe is…
  1. Super hot
  2. Super confident
  3. Super adventurous
  4. Super funny
  5. Super smart
  • What hair color and type do you prefer on a date?
  1. Full, curly and black
  2. Blonde, wavy
  3. Black, straight
  4. Just a perfect wig game will do
  5. Black, braids
  • Pick something to bake:
  1. Cinnamon rolls
  2. Chocolate cookies
  3. Pumpkin muffins
  4. Meat pies
  5. Chocolate cupcakes
  • All that baking has made you hungry, what would you want for lunch on a perfect Lockdown date?
  1. Noodles
  2. Any native soup will be perfect
  3. Any meal goes!
  4. Jollof rice
  5. Poundo potato

Your Lockdown girlfriend is…

Mostly A’s: Nengi is that strong and empowered lady who would be your perfect match. Not only has she got the sweetest personality to match her looks, she also has a way of keeping you locked to her calm and cool vibes, while you’re locked down.

Mostly B’s: Her strong personality is what will keep you focused and determined in this journey called life. Not only will she be able to take on any challenge with you, but be sure to have a loyal, ride or die relationship with Lucy.

Mostly C’s: Your Lockdown babe is Erica! There’s no perfect person to have by your side in these trying times than a partner that will have you gingered even at home. Can’t go outside to have a nice time? Not to worry, Erica is here to save the day! No dull moment with her.

Mostly D’s: Dorathy is that perfect recipe for a Lockdown relationship – funny, smart and friendly and the right dose of sarcasm to have you rolling in loud laughter. Your friends won’t have a hard time having her over for a guy’s night out too!

Mostly E’s: Vee’s confidence will have you swoon all day, everyday and there’s nothing more attractive than a confident and playful partner who knows when to switch the vibe when the romantic lights come on.

Everyone has a Lockdown soulmate. Here’s yours!

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