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Day 36: How strategic are the Nominations?

24 August 2020
It was once believed that the friendships and relationships in the Lockdown House were the tightest bonds that ever graced our screens… but what happens when the bond is tested by Sunday Nominations?
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We can’t deny that the tension that comes with voting out two Housemates every Sunday is the scariest thing the Housemates face in the House but what we don’t know is if their voting decision is influenced by the alliances and friendships formed.

…but first, my friend!

Well, we have enough evidence that most of the Housemates choose friendship or relationship (or situationship) first even when faced with the Nomination and voting anxiety. Let’s take for instance in the first week they voted, Lucy casted her votes for Eric and Lilo, simply because she put her friendship with Ka3na before anything else; Eric and Lilo were one of the few Housemates that never had a fight with her before they left the House but Lucy’s Nomination decision was purely on the foundation of friendship.

How about the one-time love conquered possible Eviction in the House? So, on the fifth Live Eviction Show, Neo appeared on the bottom four list against Trikytee, Kaisha and Wathoni and when called into the Diary Room to make her Nominations, Vee wasted no second in voting Kaisha and Wathoni. Of course, it came as no surprise seeing her save Neo in her votes, but knowing that Wathoni is one of her very good friends in the Lockdown House, we wonder if this nomination was more than just saving bae from possible Eviction.

We could go on and on about the Live voting decisions that were purely done for the sake of friendships but how then do we explain the mood in the House when Tochi was Evicted? Oh, how about the tears and screams that followed Praise’s exit from the Lockdown House? Did he not have enough friends to save him from the cold hands of Eviction? Or could there actually be more to what meets the eye? Maybe these Nominations are strategic after all.

Strategic or just coincidence?

The last Eviction Sunday that saw Praise out of the Lockdown game came with a lot of eyebrow-raising moments after the Housemates made their Eviction decisions to Biggie. Erica nominated Wathoni in her voting session and while we saw it coming due to their recent love triangle squabble, we couldn’t help but wonder if it was merely coincidence, seeing that the two had made up earlier in the week. How then do we explain Kiddwaya nominating Wathoni in the fifth Eviction Show, even after sharing some viral truth or dare moments with her? We thought they were cool, but then it may seem as though Kiddrica is ready to take out any threat to their ship. Or what do you think? Just coincidence?

Also, we saw Laycon and Brighto Vote out their mutual Lockdown friend, Kaisha in the fifth Eviction Show and we sure didn’t see that coming. For Laycon, Kaisha seemed to have been there offering a listening ear when he needed someone to talk him out of his situationship misery; while for Brighto, let’s just say sharing a bed with someone doesn’t guarantee that they have your back.

Nomination shockers

Tolanibaj did not only shake the streets of Twitter but she left us all wide eyed last week Sunday as she nominated her resident close friend and gist partner, Vee. Although she revealed to Biggie earlier today in her Diary Session that she strategically voted for Vee because she was sure the other Housemates would not Vote her out, her Nomination shook us on Sunday. Abi e no shock you?

Guess Tolanibaj isn’t the only Housemate that has given us shocking Nominations. Remember when Vee nominated her friend and former resident couples association member, Lilo; and when Neo also nominated her, knowing fully well that this decision would leave his friend Eric, boo-less? Or what about the time Neo voted Praise out but still shed some tears for him after he was Evicted?

There’s nothing harder than having to Nominate or save a friend from Eviction every Sunday, especially when you least expect. What’s even harder than that is having to differentiate between alliance and friendship while making this decision. Well in this Lockdown game, it is what it is!

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