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Day 24: The chore war

12 August 2020
At this rate, the Lockdown Housemates need to take courses on how to stop fighting about House duties and get the cleaning done. So, who's going to teach them? Experts only, please!
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The issue of bickering over House chores is almost a constant morning routine for the Lockdown Housemates. So, this is it: wake up, workout, then argue about cleaning and other House duties. What makes it worse is the loud voices that are always the ringtone in such chore wars – yes, we’re talking to you Lucy and Praise.

For people that spend most of their Lockdown time cooking and eating, one would think they’ll maintain the same energy in cleaning the House; but with these Housemates, it seems anything outside of eating, partying and eating some more isn’t embraced.

This morning, Praise and Lucy had a little argument or should we say shouting conquest in the kitchen over cleaning duties. While Lucy maintained that the House hadn’t been mopped in days, Praise kept defending himself saying it’ll be done. At that moment, he was just trying to get his breakfast ready, so cleaning can come later. Belle must chop first now abi?

A major chore war was featured when Lucy was the Lockdown Head of House. Lucy was stern with her cleaning rules and maintained that the Housemates clean every morning immediately after their workout sessions. However, some Housemates didn’t agree with her, because why spoil their morning sleep right? Anyway, to her advantage, wearing the HoH crown that week meant that the House respected the head wearing the crown and followed it’s rules. It’s safe to say her rules helped keep up with the cleaning duties in the Lockdown House, but how well will they be able to maintain it, seeing that a fight is always featured once it’s cleaning o’clock?

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Boo of the Booless?

While getting breakfast ready and still arguing about cleaning duties, Neo, Brighto, Praise and Kiddwaya had a brief chat. While Kiddwaya was playfully accusing Praise of not including him in his breakfast plans anymore, Praise told Kiddwaya, “…but that was when you were single, now you make breakfast for two.”

The other guys then chorused, “Booless gang” and Neo joined in the chant. Can someone call Vee please?

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So Lockdown Housemates, when do we end this vicious cleaning and House chores cycle?

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