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Day 19: New strategies unmasked?

07 August 2020
While the game is at an all-time, the Housemates have gone back to their drawing board to revisit their schemes.
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While some are typically forming strong bonds with the other Housemates to save themselves from being on their black books during Eviction, others are gradually adapting to Biggie’s new twists. The fear of Eviction, they say, is the beginning of new strategies.

With the introduction of Nominations during Live Evictions, the Housemates are trying to play the game the best way they can. The truth is no one wins alone and trust plays a huge factor there… that’s where alliances come in.

The art of manipulation and flirting

This strategy is a difficult one to play but with Housemates like Kiddwaya and Nengi, it seems like a walk in the park. Using their charm and charisma, they’ve both been able to cruise through smoothly. In their conversations this week, Kiddwaya has admitted that Nengi is the female version of him and while we strongly agree with this, we can’t help but conclude that Nengi may in fact be better than Kiddwaya at his game of flirting.

Take for instance how she’s able to successfully string Prince and Ozo along, lead them on into thinking she likes them and then drop them right back into the friendzone.

A lot of you agree with our thought, which is why it was rather funny watching Kiddwaya advice Nengi on how to play her own game.



Food over everything

What happens when your romance strategy has been caught short in the game? You turn to food of course, because food honestly never fails. This has been the case of Eric ever since his love interest, Lilo was Evicted from the Lockdown House. Minutes after her Eviction, hunky Eric dived straight into a pot of Indomie noodles and since then, has never looked back.



Floating strategy?

The outcome of last week’s Eviction left some of the Housemates shaken. While Lucy has been a bit quieter since her friend Ka3na left the game, a day doesn’t pass without Praise talking about the fact that he was on the bottom four list last week. This week, we’ve seen a few changes in Lucy as she has been a bit more receptive and accommodating towards the Housemates. In addition to the new smiling and quiet Lucy, is the new chef Lucy who appears to spend a lot of time these days cooking and serving food in the House.

Some of you seem to think her recent crying episodes in the Diary Room could also be a Strategy



On the other hand, Praise who was always fond of throwing subtle jabs at Laycon in the past, has suddenly become his close friend, confidant, and advisor. On the case of Laycon’s lost love war in the House, Praise has been found talking to Laycon about moving on and helping him get through the heart break.

Although, a natural people’s person in the House, his sudden closeness with Laycon caused a lot of raised eyebrows on Twitter.



Speaking of floating, how do we describe Neo’s sudden mediator role in Biggie’s House? At different moments, we’ve found him involved in the Ozo, Dorathy and Nengi triangle, the Tolanibaj, Prince and Wathoni drama and many more. Not only has he been giving his unsolicited two cents, but he has also been trying to play the role of a trust-worthy friend to some of the Housemates. We know for a fact that trust isn’t a free gift for all, so how does Neo intend to make this work in his favour?

Meanwhile, some of you think he’s using his gossiping nature as a new strategy



With only just three weeks down the line, new strategies and alliances are bound to be uncovered and we’ll be here waiting to see it all unfold.

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