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Day 15: Trikytee grabs the wheel

03 August 2020
Trikytee has been drafted to coach the Lockdown Geng for the Wager Task and he has settled into that position quite nicely.
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The Housemates got briefed on their Wager Task for the week and preparation is already in top gear with Trikytee taking the reins of leadership. Having lost two Wager Tasks back to back, the pressure is on to deliver a stellar performance during this week’s Wager Task. No thanks to losing the last Wager Task, the Housemates have had their spending power reduced which in turn reduced their food supply. 

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Trikytee on the steering

Unlike previous Wager Task preps that usually had Praise at the driver’s seat, Trikytee grabbed the steering wheel this time hoping to drive the Lockdown Geng to their first Wager Task victory. Thanks to his video directorial background, it was easy to see why the Housemates had no problem with Trikytee being in charge. It was almost like he was cut out for this position as he assigned the Housemates their respective roles. A bit of a disciplinarian but he is bent on getting the job done

His charismatic leadership hasn’t gone unnoticed and you also noticed it.

Cracking up the team

There was a bit of humour when Brighto was asked to lead the Housemates in a song and just as he parted his lips and belted the first note, the rest of the Housemates broke into laughter. The more he tried, the more they laughed. It was almost impossible to stop. Showing exemplary leadership, Trikytee asked that order be restored and Brighto be given a chance, but that didn’t last for long as they soon broke into laughter the moment he started singing again.

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Taking the back seat

Praise decided to take the back seat on this Task but he didn’t completely let go of the steering wheel as he stood right next to Trikytee echoing his instructions and dishing out his own too. You saw it and had a couple of things to say about it.

It is good seeing Trikytee coming out of his shell and his usual comedic demeanour and finally be in his element. Maybe the third time will be the charm for the Housemate for the Wager Task under Trikytee's leadership.

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