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Wait, Is Anyone Looking?

02 October 2019
Whether the hidden habit is shockingly spooky or strangely human, it’s no doubt that the Pepper Dem top five finalists may have missed their career calling.

When they are not being peppery, eating or sleeping, the Pepper Dem Gang spend their time doing the silliest things. Here’s what we found out…

The Twerking Urge

From her first week in the Pepper Dem House, Mercy hasn’t failed to show Biggie’s cameras why they call her the resident Cardi B. Asides giving us twerking lessons every Saturday Night, Mercy also had twerking sessions with the mirror when she thought no one was looking.

Well, with Biggie, nothing is hidden, including her hidden twerking times and we caught some of these moments.

The Prayer Warrior (Or Not?)

For Omashola, one thing he claims to do when no one is looking is praying. With the Season getting tougher every week, prayer is the order of the day in the Pepper Dem House.

However, we seem to find it hard recollecting all the times we caught our Warri brother praying. If he says he prays when no one is looking, then we have our answer. Right?

A Life Of Serenity

Seyi spends his time meditating and reflecting when no one is watching. Could this be the secret behind his hat trick reign as the Head of House in the Pepper Dem House? We can guess that sucre papito’s serenity elements include eating eba and egusi soup every morning, snoring, while of course, plotting his next HoH win in the House.


For someone who has no access to his phone, we wonder what else the Cruisetopia president does when no one is watching.

Let’s see… Grilling fish? Dancing? Or teasing Frodd? Lol 😆

Mischief Or Just Causing Trouble?

Frodd swears that causing mischief is his favourite thing to do when he’s got no eyes on him. We can all agree to this, following his squabbles with Mike, Omashola, Seyi, Elozonam, Cindy, Venita… Oh the list is endless, need we say much? With this, we can’t argue if he claims he lives to cause trouble.

With just a few more days to the finale, why don’t we spend some time learning some secret habits about your favourite Housemates? In the meantime, have you Voted for your winner?

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