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All The Twists, Knots and Bolts

28 January 2018
Viewers will be able to send through Tasks to Biggie for the Housemates by using #BBSecretTask.

Have you heard the saying, “Not every distant puddle is a mirage?” well, neither have we because it doesn’t exist. That’s just how it is with Big Brother Naija Season 3, nothing is ever what it seems. Fiction and reality seem to be trading places continuously. That puddle might just be there, dive right in, or not.

Big Brother is at it again, just when we thought he’d pulled out all the rabbits from his hat of tricks, both the Housemates and viewers are taken on a thrilling roller coaster ride. One such ride might just have a ring to it, literally so.   

The strategically placed telephone in the Double Wahala House will ring on Big Brother’s command and this is how YOU, the viewer comes in. Using the hashtag #BBSecretTask on the official Big Brother Naija Twitter and Facebook, you will be able to conspire with Big Brother and give the Housemates Secret Tasks every week and the best will be chosen and delivered to the House through the House phone.

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The twist however; only one housemate can answer the phone at a time but, because this IS Big Brother, eavesdropping is allowed and they may collectively decide to refrain from answering altogether. So fire away with those Secret Tasks.

Enjoying the ride so far? Well, Siddon tight because Big Brother might just have another trick up his sleeve; and this might literally be where he hides his stash.

Watch this space...

You no go wan miss dis one!

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