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Day 8: Truth or Dare Takes the Crown

05 February 2018
The Housemates waited till the end of the day to bring out their inner 'nasties'.

It's a glorious Monday morning and while the Housemates get their blood pumping in the morning workout, we refelct back on last night's events.

Going from 100 to zero

This season’s Housemates are definitely on a record breaking spree. Being punished just hours into the competition, losing their first wager and the classic ‘Super man’ moment by K.Brule which awarded his tag team a big fat pepper dipped strike. However, just like you, we’re shocked by their lack of interest in the Live show, their very first at that. Like, they put zero effort into looking presentable. Which makes us wonder just how invested they are in the game.

Playing Chess or Candy Crush?

The House yesterday was a ‘chill spot, possibly because the Housemates needed to recollect and recover from the Saturday night party. They also seemed to have been contemplating the previous week’s events and trying to strategise in their pairs. Some more than other of course; with Miracle and Nina throwing shade at cupid with their smooches; Cebi (Tobi and Cee-C) strutting around looking glued to each other and BamTeddy (Bambam and Teddy) getting their cuddle on. The rest of the pairs need a serious catch-up session.

Truth or Dare

If this was an award show, the 'truth or dare' game would be the biggest winner of the event. It literally looks like the Housemates saved the best  for the very last hours of the day and brought their inner 'nasties' out to play. The dares were more intense than Lagos traffic on a monday morning and don't get us started on the truths. Lets just say that egos were bruised and hope bubbles were popped and as for the smooches, it was raining em.  Na wa no! But wait. while the game oozed drama, it would be careless not to mention the stench of trouble in the Cebi paradise. It seems like Cee-C heard and saw more than 'her highness' could handle during the game and shot off to bed angrily. Tobi tried to get her to explain what was bothering her but he couldn't drill it out of her if even if he tried. Only time can tell where to from here with the nominations approaching small small. Issa Double Wahala.    

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