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Day 30: Thoughts On The New Housemates

31 July 2019
The Pepper Dem Gang have to make room for two more Housemates. How do they feel about this?

It’s still July, but the Housemates got their August visitors early – Two new Housemates. As expected, there were varying reactions from the Housemates concerning the addition of Venita and Elozonam to the Pepper Dem Gang. One-half of the Housemates seemed ecstatic about the new Housemates while some just wanted to focus on their Task at hand.

The Infatuated

Omashola was clearly the most enthusiastic and animated of all the Housemates about Venita’s presence in the House. From the moment Venita stepped into the House, he was infatuated by her. He couldn’t even hide it during the Diary Session as he declared his affection for her and how he wasn’t going to pass up on this opportunity to find love. He appears to have learnt from the mistake he made the last time that saw him missing out on a likely love interest in the House. How long before he shoots his shot?

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The Unconcerned

Jeff, Mike, Esther, Khafi and Tacha appeared unconcerned after the entrance of the first Housemate, but the guys ended up giving a rousing welcome to Elozonam as he stepped in. Esther made it known during her Diary Session that she wasn’t exactly happy about the new Housemates. Probably they used up all the enthusiasm they had left to welcome Seyi and Tacha back or just maybe, the last thing they needed was more Housemates.

1564536466 56 screenshot 2019 07 30 at 7.27.51 pm

The Unconcerned 2.0

Jackye, Khafi, Diane and Mercy didn’t look entirely too pleased to see the new Housemates as they remained in the garden focused on their work. They did send a loud message as none of them helped with the new Housemates luggage. Mercy expressed surprise and a bit of displeasure at the presence of the new Housemates. “We’ve been through thick and thin and they appear out of nowhere… I want people to leave and not come back,” Mercy said. Diane on her part is scared having them around especially as she perceives they have an edge over her.

The Housemates weren’t the only one with reactions, the internet went nuts over the new addition to the Pepper Dem Gang.  Quite a lot of fans are ecstatic about the new arrivals. Like brand new clothes that you can’t wait to try on, the fans can’t wait to see what the new Housemates are bringing to the table.

Watch the Housemates Share Their Thoughts on the New Members

Source: Twitter - @iam_Onismate, @yetunde_isidro

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