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The Seven #BBNaija Online Media Commandments

28 June 2019
Here are some quick guidelines on how to engage with Big Brother Naija content in these social media streets.
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Big Brother Naija is all about exciting and intriguing moments you rarely ever want to keep just to yourself. Moments you want to share on all forms of Social Media including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, other social networking sites and other internet postings, including news websites and blogs. That’s perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, we urge you to, but there are rules to this.

As Bloggers and Social Media influencers, a lot of the BBNaija content you intend to make use of are intellectual property and in order to make sure you don’t infringe on them; we have compiled the Seven BBNaija Online Media Commandments. These are rules to adhere to during coverage and reportage of Big Brother Naija.

  1. Thou shall not make any unauthorised usage of tradenames, domain names or any name bearing close semblance to “Big Brother Naija”, “BBN” “BBN 2019,” inclusive of the logos.
  2. Thou shall not LIVE-stream or record over one minute of the show on TV from any mobile phone or hand-held device either directly or via any Social Media live applications including YouTube.
  3. Thou art not allowed to make any calls for fans, viewers or followers to watch live or pre-recorded footage of the show on your Social Media platforms. For non-media platforms, you must indicate that your page is a fan page.
  4. You can only use images and text-based tweets in real time. Images can be sourced from the Africa Magic website and all official Social Media pages of BigBrotherNaija, DStv, GOtv and Africa Magic and the content bank. Sources must be credited.
  5. Thou shall not Watermark BBNaija official content including videos and photos.
  6. Thou art advised to use official hashtag of the show #BBNaija and any additional hashtag as communicated per time (e.g.#DoubleWahalaReloaded).
  7. Thou art free to retweet and repost from official Social Media page of BigBrotherNaija, DStv, GOtv and Africa Magic.

There you have it! Those are the rules. Stick to them and we won’t have any trouble or our people calling your people. Now that we are clear on the rules, let’s get this Show on the road.

Please note that MultiChoice reserves the right to restrict or prevent access to certain Social Media platforms if the use of BBNaija content is considered IP infringement. IP infringement may result in a loss of your social media handles and channels.

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