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Post Finale: Looking Back At The Season

08 October 2019
The Pepper Dem Season has come and (not entirely) gone, but the memories will forever linger.

A lot of interesting things happened in the Pepper Dem House. From Day One to Day 99, the Pepper never stopped and we all there to witness it all. Here are some of the highlights of the Season as seen through your tweets.

The First Eviction

The shock was quite glaring. No one expected Evictions would be that early and people immediately started clamouring for the Evicted Housemates to come back.

A few thought it was a prank

Some were ready for how gruesome the Pepper Dem House was going to be and were wondering why everyone was surprised

Of course, there were jokes

...and Game of Thrones reference

Veto Power

It didn’t take too long before the first Veto Power Game of Chance took place and unlike the Housemates, a few of y'all were ready.

Just like that, we had our first Veto Power Holder, KimOprah.

The Bet 9ja Coins

KimOprah winning the first Bet9ja Coins set off the quest to own Coins began in the Pepper Dem House

Coin Theft

With the quest to own Bet 9ja Coins and Biggie implying that Coins could be taken, It didn't take too long before ish hit the fan.

For Ike, taking Omashola’s Coins was no big deal. Since he ‘found’ them, he got to keep them and quite a few of you were impressed.

The Strikes That Struck

When you leave in Biggie’s House, you have to abide by his rules. These rules were flung out of the window on a number of occasions and the Housemates involved paid for it.

Fake Evictions

This twist was one of the unexpected stunts Big Brother pulled on the Housemates. With Tacha and Seyi shipped off to the secret room, many wondered and predicted how this will affect the game.

New Housemates

The Pepper got hotter when Biggie introduced not one, not two but five Housemates into the game. These tweets say it all.

Game Reset

Full lifelines were given to the Housemates when Biggie decided to erase all Strikes. It was a day of joy not only to the affected parties but also their fans. Though Biggie warned them that the Strikes will be re-issued if they get out of line again, the Housemates were sure grateful for that moment. This benevolent act by Big Brother played a part in resetting the game.

The Red Box Palava

We still can’t get over how Biggie’s precious Red Box got missing. It started with Diane’s pranks and you know what they say about karma right? Well, the Box got missing on her watch, all because of food. These Housemates sha.


Even everyone on the streets of Twitter started watching the Red Box and you were not left out.

Immunity Holder, The Real Game Player

Just as the rest of the Pepper Dem Gang were busy talking about buying Immunity, Mercy did herself a favour and quickly secured her spot in the finale. You watched her graciously gather, lobby, buy and beg for Coins to make this happen and here’s what you had to say about this decision.

How cute was it seeing Ike say that she was worth every Coin he spent on her Immunity purchase?

The Ultimate Power Holder.

Twitter could not stop buzzing the moment Frodd became the Ultimate Power Holder. 

As the Ultimate VPH, Frodd had to save either Omashola and Diane in a Game of luck that even Frodd himself wasn’t pleased with. This decision left you utterly disappointed.

As was the case with every Veto Power holder, Frodd too didn’t find the Power easy to wield.

Surprise Eviction

This Season’s Evictions had the coldest hands and spared no one. It’s safe to say you watched the most shocking Evictions ever recorded in the Big Brother Naija game yet. Right? Which would you say surprised you the most though? A.k.a the Eviction(s) that gave you your first heartbreak. 

The Disqualification

Amidst the shocking Evictions featured in the Pepper Dem Season, it also gave us one disqualification which kept Twitter buzzing all through the Season. 

We will surely miss the Pepper Dem Gang but at least we can always look back at these highlights and marvel at the madness 26 Housemates cause in 99 days. We know it doesn't end in the House. We look forward to the Pepper they will serve on the outside too.

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