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Day 6: Pairing or Coupling?

03 February 2018
The pairs seem to have a type of interest that far extends beyond the game.
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If Big Brother was a book, the chapters would be endless because the themes explored are so many that we’d have one for each day of the year. You know the saying "a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day'? This is literally the reality in the House. Like the month of January, days seem to have amplified versions of themselves. 

The Housemates are steadily getting used to their surroundings and seem to be oblivious to the fact that they’re under constant scrutiny. Which makes us wonder if they’re still aware that the purpose of the pairing was primarily for the game because they seem to be more that strategically involved. Have they even started mapping out their strategies?!

We all remember that they had absolutely no idea they’d be paired, so one would guess that the selection process although overwhelming, was pretty random; or maybe that’s what we’re lead to believe.

We can’t deny the fact that the Big Brother House is spotting some lookers on that 'fine ghel, fine boi' tip; so we wouldn’t be completely wrong to assume that the selection process was attraction based. Like, when taking a closer look at the pairs, we can tell that there is a pinch of a kind of interest that extends far beyond the game. It’s like they were ‘pre-paired’ to pair; ambiguity much?

From Tobi having chosen Cee-C to join him in the luxury room to him being chosen back, it’s almost too obvious that Tobi is head over heels for Cee-C, we could be wrong though because Cee-C seems to have her eyeballs set on Teddy A. On the other hand, we have Nina and Miracle locking lips and throwing away the key just hours into the game and later pairing up. Could this be Miracle's way of accomplishing his mission? Remember, he said he was here to cause "chaos" between the ladies. Whatever the case may be , we smell romance.

Although it was rocky at first, Ahneeka and Rico Swavey seem to be getting along just fine and don’t get us started on K_Square; this pair had a crash course from cupid.

Nonetheless, We are only 6 days into the game, so the other pairs are bound to catch on and ‘catch feels’.


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