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Looking Beyond Big Brother Naija

27 April 2018
The Big Brother Niaja Housemate came, saw and now the outside world is ready for them.
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The Big Brother Naija Finalists have been going around doing their media interviews this week talking about what the future holds for them. We take a look back to when we were first introduced to these Housemates, whom against all odds, managed to stay until the last day.


The charismatic pilot burst into the scene with a game plan of confusing the ladies; however that soon changed when he and Nina gave us the first Double Wahala kiss. From that day on they were joined at the hip.

Even though he was with Nina all the time, he never took his eyes off the ultimate goal and that proved true when he was crowned the winner, walking away with over N25 million.

The future looks bright for Miracles as he plans to go back to aviation school and invest some of his winnings, because according to him, it’s all about making money.


Cee-C was introduced as the lawyer whose game plan was to bring a lot of drama and authenticity. Indeed she kept her promise as a result as time went; she became the least favourite Housemate. However, her ‘never say die’ attitude kept her in the Big Brother House.

Even though she missed out on the prize, Cee-C spoke of being in the entertainment industry and though she doesn’t think she the best actress, she vowed that people will be seeing a lot her.


For Tobi, going into the Big Brother House wasn’t about the money, all he wanted was to have fun and that he did.

He got along with almost everybody and his easy going personality made it easier for other Housemates to engage him. However, things went sour between him and Cee-C, who he had been the closest with.

His future according to him involves working on himself as a brand. He also plans on being involved visible and on everyone’s faces in the entertainment industry.


From the first day Alex got into the House, her hair had made her stand out. As time went, she was known for speaking her mind and dancing.

Over the weeks, she became emotionally occupied by Leo’s presence which seemed to have held her back. Leo’s eviction was a blessing in disguise for her, because in that moment, her friendship with Tobi was born.

Alex mentioned there’s a future in dancing and she sees herself there. And why not, she’s the queen of Shaku Shaku after all.


Going into the House, Nina had only one game plan and that was to showcase her acting ability. Soon as the game commenced, that plan flew out the window when she and Miracle became unseperable.

Her stay in the House was highlighted by two things; Miracle and the fact that she thought everyone was looking down her because of her age.

However, as soon as she took Biggie’s advice of standing up herself, we saw her slowly coming out of her shell.

Nina’s future looks bright because of the skills she nurtured in the House. He plans going forward including being an actress, make-up artist and opening a business.

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