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Kayibesi Toni Wager Challenge

29 January 2018
As soon as Kabiyesi Toni had endorsed his Head of House role, he was tasked to brief all nineteen Housemates on the first wager challenge.
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For this week of self-expression, Big Brother expects all in the House to showcase their unique identity to one another and to the public.

This is order to increase the general shopping allowance. Housemates had to pick one word from a bucket and embody it for all to see.

For a brief moment, misunderstandings ensued and Kayibesi Toni found himself bombarded with questions. A leader at the core, Kayibesi Toni didn’t flinch and got everybody in line: Housemates broke into small groups to brainstorm on how to give the best of themselves to the challenge.

Some were heard straight-out bragging, others flattering willing ears while sweeping an eagle look through the room.

Housemates then belted out tunes and it was all harmonious music. However a handful seem to be awaiting to see the first knives coming out.

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