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Efe's still kinging

06 March 2019
We're running through previous BBNaija highlights and to add a ripe cherry on top, bring you Ex housemate gist.
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We can’t tell whether it was his maximally polished Warri accent that got the masses’ attention or the fact that he pulled the very first HoH rug from under everyone’s feet; whatever it was, Efe’s immeasurable bust of favour was sourced from it and turned him into an intercontinental phenomenon… A movement if you ask us.

Having stood the test of time and breaking the 78 day yoke that saw him crowned the ultimate Housemate (and HoH extraordinaire might we add), Efe’s world came to a standstill and as if on cue, lifted off and disrespected the speed of light.
The Delta baked, buttered and sliced artiste wore some sort of breast plate that according to his army, protected his essence and turned him into the winner we’ve all come to love and celebrate.

Fast forwarding to the now, Efe continues to seek new sounds and cook up versatile musical servings. Life after See Gobbe has definitely been an interesting symphony and though our boy has been dodging the radar lately, we’re still here for his creativity and ‘hall of famer aura’. E be true oh, Warri no dey cary last!

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