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Day 6: Double Wahala Much?!

03 February 2018
The amount of drama popping out of the House is worthy of a 'siddo' session.

Let's say it together, 'drama'. That's exactly what the housemates have pulled out of their cooking pots and we'd all need a proper 'siddon' session to digest it all.

So, it was of course all good and merry when Bitto managed to pull the carpet from under all of their feet and win the very first Payporte Friday night arena games but the housemates proved not to be sore losers; moving along swiftly to the Angel’s melodic strings and Rico Swavey’s sweet Echoes and turning up the volume with their ‘Kiss, Date or Marry’ game. On this note, The pairs seem to be getting cosily close and we're beggining to wonder if the narrative has changed to 'coupling’. We foresee sparks and glowing splinter. Thank us later. 

Noticed just how isolated Khloe was? After the dramatic stunts she’s been pulling lately, the other housemates seem to no having any more of it.

We can’t help but dip our curious fingers into this pepper, Tobi and Cee-C. While everyone else grouped up and conversed away, they seemed to only enjoy their own company; even mentioning just how they seem to be ‘IQ buddies’ or should we say ‘Einstein couple’?!

Talking about couples, Bitto is just the kind of turtle that lives fearlessly outside its shell. He smoothly operated his way into getting Anto’s attention; caressing her and all but he got a palm slap real quick. We wonder just how many of the ladies he’ll try to ‘charm into his arms till he hits the jackpot.

We guess it’s safe to say that if wahala was a meal, we’d have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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