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Day 70: If Anonymity Was Stripped From Nominations

08 April 2018
If the Housemates held open Nominations, the House would turn into a war zone.

Despite the fierce competitiveness fuelled by the grand prize and Housemates’ expectations of life post-win, the format promotes cross-ideological interactions and tolerance. However, we can’t take away from the fact that drama and cut-throat altercations are the feed to the viewers’ entertainment gardens. Basically, the sharper the claws, the better. Now imagine if ‘anonymity’ was stripped away from the Nominations!

Not Friends, They're Foes

Talking about claws, we’ve seen how absolutely shocked Evictees become after discovering who had Nominated them and consequently led to their game’s demise. Besides believing that they could have been the most ‘authentic’ of Housemates, their shock stemmed from that fact that the biggest of knives stuck in their backs were those of ‘friends’ turned ‘foes’.

It’s one thing for the Housemates to know who wanted them out but it would be a whole different ball game if they had to find out why they were being shoved towards the Eviction doors. We’ve had quite a number of quarrel derbies in the House, during which insults were hurled and those involved became sharply confrontational. Judging by the observers’ sly smiles and venomous giggles, the battles might have been limited to the participants. Yet the war was deemed collective, especially when the least liked Housemates were at the receiving end.

Nominations Over Lunch

We’ve seen how much ‘gossip courage’ the Housemates seem to have, especially when gisting comfortably with other ‘foes’ dressed in ‘friend’ skins. Labelling others as weak and pointing fingers left, right and centre, totally placing themselves on high pedestals. While twenty out of twenty of the Housemates have done this lightly or explicitly, we can bet all our Nairas that the House would turn into a war zone and it might be difficult for the Housemates to contain themselves if Nominations had to be an over lunch and dining table discussion.

“I don’t like you because a, b, c. I think you’re fake and I’m better than you. You’re weak, so bye. I don’t like you as much as you like me”… The list of possibilities is endless. Boy, are we glad Big Brother has rules in place.

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