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Day17: Entertain Us Now

14 February 2018
Biggie has given the Housemates a Task to bring the entertainment.
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Biggie's Decree

These Housemates have been all-talk and no-action. They have at length discussed the possibility of putting on entertainment shows for the audience but we had not seen any shows until Biggie gave his decree. He told the 24-hour pairs to each put on a show for him, all except for Lolu and Cee-C, who are in the dog box.

The performances

First to the stage was Dee-One and Miracle who had the Housemates in stitches with their game tiko-tiko. Bambam and Tobi put on a musical drama for the Housemates and the camera-men came to the table as they kept showing us Cee-C.

24-hour absence makes the heart grow fonder

Cee-C did not seem impressed to see her man with another woman, she will blame it on her eyesight but we know the truth. She has on many occasions denounced her relationship with Tobi, but if looks could kill, Bambam would be gone. Cee-C is the the perfect example that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Our advice to Cee-C is that she should not fight cupid's arrow and she should go get her man.

Teddy A sang and rapped while Alex tried to sing. The voice gods may have failed her but she her spirit to do her best and entertain Biggie makes us give her an A+ for the presentation. The great camera-men kept showing us Bambam who looked forlorn, we thought that after bonding with Tobi that she may be over Teddy A, but it seems as though what they have can stand the test of 24-hour separation.

Is love in the air?

The talented Bitto and Ifu Ennada put on a sexy singing and acting presentation. Ifu Ennada has on many occasion commented on Bitto’s manhood and yesterday they were kissing all over the House. Could it be that something is brewing in “Bifu” land? These two are great performers so it could all be an act but it being the month of love, we hope they are not playing with our hearts.

Nina sang “All of Me” to K.Brule while Miracle looked at her longingly. For the second part of their presentation K.Brule impersonated the Housemates and got a standing ovation. It was heart-warming to see K.Brule happy. We love this side of him and hope his jumping days are over. 

Chocolate Angel and caramel Rico Swavey looked like a dessert advert as they serenaded the Housemates with their cool sound. Ahneeka and Leo looked like the epitome of a power couple as they prepared for their hip-hop musical presentation.


Princess and Vandora admitted that they bonded over silliness which was evidenced in their hilarious presentation of Housemate impersonations. The silly pair had the House in stitches. This “girl-mance” is really beautiful and we are happy that they found each other and we hope that the claws don’t come out and ruin it.

The last group was none other than HoH Khloe and Anto as they gave the guys a memorable show in their bra-lettes and short skirts. Don’t you think they looked like the Nigerian version of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj in the “Feelin Myself” music video?

Thank you Biggie for making them entertain us, who was your favourite 24-hour pair?

AngelifuBamteddy, CebiLotoMinaPrittoRineeka and Van-Dee are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote for your favourite pair here or via SMS. Voting closes on Thursday 15 February at 21:00 WAT.

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