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Day 95: Permission To Chill

03 October 2019
All work and no play… you know the rest.

“The storeroom is now open."

When the Pepper Dem Gang went to peep what it held, they found green bottles of liquid gold and that was how the journey to chilling began. Do you blame them? After a long day dealing with the DStv challenge, even Biggie knew they had to unwind and he provided them with the resources to do just that.

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The Shoe Story

Frodd wanted to leave his white converse behind in Biggie’s House but he had a change of heart. This change was because Omashola told him that there is a story behind that red canvass he wears every time he is up for possible Eviction and so he can't let it go. Frodd looking at his shoes also agreed that they held some memories for him too.  For those begging Omashola to keep those shoes behind, sorry fam, Omashola and that converse are in the same WhatsApp group.

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Who Threw The Ice?

Like a younger sibling up to no good, Mercy was caught when she threw an ice cube on Mike.

Finding a secure spot (or so she thought) Mercy took a cup of beer, removed the ice cube in it and flung it at a sleeping Mike. This prank by Mercy woke Mike up and he went on a hunt for the person that threw the ice at him. He was in luck as he returned from the garden and found Mercy crouching beside his bed. Mike retaliated by pulling off Mercy’s wig and attempted to throw it into the Jacuzzi. If not for the respect he had for Ike, Mercy’s wig will have gone for a dive and that will have been nasty.

The Two Man Party

“If I don’t give it to you b**ches, how will you take it?” Mercy.

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Mercy was in the mood to dish out some Pepper and she did just that with Omashola. The two Housemates who were absolutely overjoyed to be in the top five decided to have their private party and with music banging in the House, it wasn’t hard. Well, it’s not easy being the last girl standing so, if she wants to dance the week away, the floor is hers.

A time to work, and a time to play. Last night was the former and the Housemates grabbed the opportunity with both hands and legs.

Source: Twitter - @sweetmavis, @holudaray, @BongieMandlana

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