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Day 94: The Price Of Power

02 October 2019
The Ultimate Veto Power has been used, but what did it take to wield such power?

When he picked the exact replica of the picture in the box, his joy knew no bounds. Even though he didn’t know what power he possessed, he knew it had to be something big. It had to be... It wouldn’t have been called Ultimate Veto Power for nothing. As he walked back into the House rejoicing, little did he know the magnitude of the power he now possessed. His Housemates looked on with envy and fear knowing fully well their fates in the House depended on the power Frodd now had in his hands.

People on the outside already knew what Frodd was capable of and had gone on to name him ‘Thanos’ seeing as his power meant he could put up half for Nomination. Almost similar to that of Thanos when he wielded the Infinity Gauntlet, except his bordered on taking out half of the planet. Good thing The Avengers sorted that out.

Would hate to be typing this and halfwa…

Haha, we are still here. We aren’t going anywhere just yet. Unlike the Housemates, we are certain of being here till the 99th day.

Back to Frodd

He didn’t have to wonder for long about the power he possessed. The night of Nomination was just the next day and when the time came, he was summoned. Twitter was abuzz as they wondered who he was going to Nominate.

They also didn’t have to wait for long as Frodd made his pick immediately he was asked by Biggie. He seemed like he had been waiting for this opportunity all his life.

The Gift…

The bright side of being the Veto Power Holder was that he was able to secure a spot for himself in the Finale, but what of his fellow Housemates? They were doomed to battle the god of Eviction. A battle three didn’t survive.  A couple of the Housemates thought Frodd Nominating them was personal while some were hurt that in the end, they all knew the game was the game. Someone had to be Nominated. Sucked it had to be them.

…And The Curse

Frodd’s Ultimate Veto Power wasn’t over just yet. He still had one more task to do and this was the one that hurt him. This was the task that made him realise how much of a curse the power he wielded could be. To decide the final Housemate to leave the House, Frodd had to make an unlucky draw and Diane was the unlucky pick. Frodd was so hurt after this decision that he immediately started crying. But this was beyond him. As much as it was he who picked the draw, the decision wasn’t entirely up to him. It was up to chance. Diane's fans knew this and consoled him.

 Some felt If he had the choice, Diane wouldn’t have been his first choice.

Well, this is a pang of guilt he has the live with. This is the curse most common with every holder of the Veto Power. He might have Saved himself and got guaranteed a place in the Finale, was it worth the cost?

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