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Day 94: Banter And Reminisce

02 October 2019
After a fun time at the Lipton Party, the Pepper Dem Gang bantered about issues in the House.

With just five of them left in the House, it's only natural that the Housemates had enough time for gist. While the other Housemates were either in the lounge or in the bedroom, Seyi and Omashola were seen in the garden serving us hot gist.

In Their Shoes

When you are missing someone, you could go to the extent of imagining what they could have done if you were together. This formed the basis of Omashola and Seyi’s discussion. Omashola wondered where the ex-Housemates were presently and  Seyi’s quick response was that they were probably still held in a place watching them.

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The chat got a little more interesting when Omashola tried to picture what the recently Evicted Housemates might be thinking. He said it was possible some of them were wondering about their wrong moves in the House. Seyi’s reaction to this was that they might even wish they could come back to right those moves.


The Housemates spent the later part of the day recalling past events in the House. As they did this, some of them revealed what they liked or not about certain Housemates. Knowing that Khafi and Omashola bonded before her Eviction, it was normal she was first on his lips.

In his usual Warri pidgin, he said that Khafi was showing good vibes until Venita and 21 came into the picture. He had hardly finished before Seyi agreed with him. Well, it’s not a surprise as Seyi and Tacha (who as we later found out was 21 here) once acted the Tom and Jerry role in the House. But what we weren’t sure of was their notion that Khafi’s attitude changed the moment she became friends first with Venita and then with Tacha.  

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With the way the Pepper Dem top five finalists always talked about the ex-Housemates, it is obvious they are missing them a lot. But as the Game gets intense and the tension is heightened, we wonder if they shouldn’t be more concerned with positive vibes capable of earning them plenty of votes. Lord knows they need that badly!

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