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Day 92: Tears And Long Faces

30 September 2019
The Exit of Ike and Elozonam from the Pepper Dem House left their friends in a sad mood.

Evictions in the Big Brother Naija House always leave unhappy feelings and last night was no different. This time, the ones who felt it deeply were Mercy and Diane.

Flowing River

As soon as Ebuka announced that Ike has been Evicted from the Big Brother Naija House, the tears quickly pooled in Mercy’s eyes and it wasn’t long before they flowed like a river. While Mercy let out her pain, Diane kept hers under wrap. Her friend Elozonam was Evicted first and though Diane didn’t crumble we could see that she also felt blue. Well, the girls have each other so we believe they will get through this together.

The Attempts To Cheer

The pain Mercy and Diane were going through wasn’t oblivious to other Housemates. One of such Housemates was Omashola who did his bit to console Diane and Mercy. In his jovial manner, he told them that Ike and Elozonam weren’t dead that they will see them next week. What a quick way to pull them out of their sad state.

The men were not left out as we saw the long faces they pulled when their fellow Housemates were taken out. This Twitter user also noticed it too.

Biggie also made an attempt to cheer as he sent a birthday cake into the House. Mercy, however, wasn’t in the mood for a noisy celebration. She finally smiled when she saw the ‘Queen of highlights’ and ‘Lambo Mercy’ inscriptions on her cake. With the banters the Housemates made, they were able to make Mercy happy on her special day.

Early To Bed…

The events of the night weren’t swept aside easily as the Pepper Dem Gang took to their beds for comfort.

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