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Day 93: Different Sides Of The Draw

01 October 2019
Diane and Omashola's fates changed with the draw and nothing was the same.

Diane was one of the longest-running Housemate in the Pepper Dem House and in an amazing twist, she made her way out of the Pepper Dem House. This was shortly after losing her ‘friend’ Elozonam to the Live Show Eviction. Omashola on his part lived to fight in the final.

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Fate In A Draw

Right from the moment they were called into the lounge, she couldn't tell this was going to be her last time in the House. But as Biggie reeled out the instructions for the impending Eviction, she knew her stay was entirely up to fate. The proud member of the PPG squad watched as her fate was to be determined by Frodd making use of his Ultimate Veto Power. Her Coin had been placed in the Magic hat and as she waited for the decision that didn’t lie in her hands, we wonder what must have flashed through her mind.

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Keeping A Cool Demeanour

In spite of it all, she did keep a cool demeanour all through. She even spent the best part of her last minutes in the House comforting Mercy who had also just lost her Ike to Eviction. Maybe Diane knew what was coming or she was glad she made it this far. Either way, she left the House with her head up high. On the bright side, she gets to reunite with some of her favourite Housemates, Sir Dee and Elozonam.

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The Case of Omashola

Everyone wonders what’s going through the head of the Housemate that gets Evicted, but if we all paused for a second, we’d realise a lot also goes on in the head of that Housemate lucky enough to escape Eviction. Last night’s Eviction was a close shave for Omashola. The way the process was set up, it was either him or Diane that left last night. Lucky for him, his Bet 9ja Coin wasn’t picked out from the magic hat. So excited was Omashola that he knocked down a chair. The tension he experienced as he waited for Frodd to pull out the Coin from the magic hat was nerve-wracking. What made it worse was Frodd falling to pick out anyone’s name at the first try meaning he had to go again. This meant he had to relive the tension once again. So it was no surprise when Frodd pulled out Diane’s name and the shouts of “Warri” filled the House. On and on he shouted ‘Warri’ as he tried to process the sudden realization that he had made it to the Final Five.

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It was a tale of mixed feelings on different sides, but no matter the case, a top five had to be selected and there was only room for one to join those that had already made it to the Finale. 

Frodd, Mercy, Mike, Omashola and Seyi are in the Finale. Vote for your favourite Housemate here, via the MyDStv App, via the MyGOtv App or via SMS. Voting closes on Friday 4 October at 21:00 WAT. Big Brother Naija is proudly sponsored by Bet9ja, and is available on all DStv packages, and on GOtv Max and GOtv PlusFor more information on Big Brother Pepper Dem follow us on YouTubeInstagramTwitter and Facebook.