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Day 90: The ShowMax Acting Challenge

28 September 2019
The Big Brother Naija Housemates became actors and actresses’ courtesy of ShowMax.

Fond of talking about their favourite movies, the Pepper Dem Gang have been given the opportunity to not only watch a movie but also get into characters. Wait, ShowMax wasn’t done yet as awards will be presented to the best and worst performers!

The Breakdown

The scroll was read to the House by Seyi and the Housemates got the hang of what they were in for. The challenge requires they pick one of the movies from ShowMax, watch carefully and re-enact their favourite scenes from the movies. There were rules attached to this Task as Housemates were not to watch more than one movie or an episode of a series. Oh, they were also warned to stay away from watching any content related to the Big Brother show or the Hot Room. Well, curious minds will stay curious till after the show.

Apart from that, Housemates must pair up for this challenge and re-enact eight scenes. That was not all, individually, Housemate must feature in at least two scenes. One as a leading role and the other as a supporting cast. For this challenge, they were given four hours to prepare before the showdown and we can't wait to see what they have for us.

The Award Categories

For their performances, the Housemates will get awards and this is going to be decided by the viewers through an online voting poll. So, we are sure the Housemates will present only the best for us.

The awards will be in the following categories:

  • Best Leading Role Performance in a movie drama/ comedy/ action
  • Best Supporting Role Performance in a movie drama/ comedy/ action
  • Best Costume and Wardrobe in a movie drama/ comedy/ action
  • Worst Lead Role Performance in a movie drama/ comedy/ action
  • Worst Supporting Role Performance in a movie drama/ comedy/ action

Wow, this is more like the AMVCAs. We think it is because, after their performance, they must put up a special red carpet and award ceremony. Seems like the Pepper Dem Gang have their work cut out for them.

The Decision

Whenever it comes to making Task decisions in the House, the process is never smooth and today was no different. One camp led by Frodd wanted the House to watch an indigenous movie while the other camp wanted a foreign movie. To avoid unnecessary arguments, Seyi asked the Housemates to vote and the camp foreign movie won.

The Housemates also found it difficult to settle for a particular movie and after much scrolling, they finally decided that ‘Acrimony’ was the Best. Hmm, let’s see how they will re-enact scenes from this movie.

Grab your popcorn and drinks because, in a few hours’ time, the Pepper Dem Gang will be treating us to a cinematic experience.

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