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Day 9: The Secret Task

06 February 2018
The long awaited secret Task has made it's return, this time with Lolu as the soldier.

So, the long awaited Secret Task has landed and promises bucket loads of drama. Biggie’s consistency as a trickster just drowns us all in a pool of anxiety. The man literally censored Lolu and there’s no way we’re finding out unless he spills.

The Secret Task Broken Down

The first Housemate to answer the Big Brother phone is automatically selected to play Biggie’s soldier. They are to carry out whatever Task given without uttering a word to any of the Housemates, not even to their partners. Knowing Biggie, should the milk spill the goat will squeal. There will be dire consequences if any of the other Housemates find out what the ‘soldier’ had been tasked with. Dis na be battle o.  Also, there might be instances where other Housemates find out what the battle man has been tasked with without them actually giving it up, often due to behavioural changes and sudden sparked interests. Should this happen, the sniper will be deemed as having failed the Task and will drink from the cup of consequences.

Secret Task Rewards

I no be easy o, but should Lolu manage to return all the eggs un-cracked, he will be rewarded by simply not being punished. Biggie’s story na get kay-leg o. When Tobi was Tasked with fishing for secrets from the other Housemates and managed to find out about BamBam’s visions and Rico Swavey having been on TV and not wanting anyone to find out about it, Biggie made him say it out loud during a rather peppery moment, in the Arena during Wager judgment.

We aren’t completely shut out though. You too can be part of Biggie’s trickery by simply sending in your Secret Task suggestion on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #BBSecretTask. Wahala na graduate o.

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