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Day 88: Snuggles And Shooting Shots

26 September 2019
After a celebratory night of dining with the stars, the Pepper Dem Housemates gave us their own dose of drama. In case you missed it, don’t worry, we got you.

Tacha, The Dreamer

Just as she got ready for bed, Tacha told Elozonam her deal with dreams and reality. In her words, whatever she dreams of may not be accurate but they often times come to pass. Citing the introduction of the new members of the Pepper Dem Gang, Tacha said she revealed to Sir Dee that she had a dream about it before the twist.

“I saw a lot of new faces on the stairs, coming into the House. I know we don’t have stairs here but I was eventually right about the new faces coming into the House,” she added.

Elozonam who seemed interested in her dream tales listened with so much attention and wrapped up the chat by advising her to keep praying.

The Salt Bae

Imagine wanting to cuddle but the love of your life won’t just take a shower. This was the case of Mercy and Ike after the dinner date with the stars. Mercy who was already in bed after taking a warm bath was not having it as Ike tried lying next to her.

After much persuasion, she brought in a bar of chocolates to trick 'le boo' into taking a bath. She even went as far as telling him to only wash his face and chest. Lazy Ike didn’t see any reason to jump into the shower even if he had just completed his night workout. “I’m not even sweating,” he said in his defence.

Mercy was defeated and gave up after convincing him to taste the sweat on his body and even tasting it too but he still wasn’t persuaded. They say love conquers all, even a hot bath.

It’s Story Time

As per tradition, Diane got into the mood of storytelling with the rest of the Housemates, just before she got cuddled up with her resident lover. As she told the stories in details, we couldn’t help but notice her interest in the movie industry. The way her eyes shone when she narrated and the way she was able to carry the others along, we definitely can’t wait to see the resident baby girl for life being featured in big movies. Right, Diane?

Oh, this tweep also found it interesting that Nollywood movies seem to be the bonding force between Diane and Tacha and even the VPH box fight has nothing on this bond.

Shoot That Shot!

We’ve noticed the tension between Cindy and Omashola, although, the tension seems to be one-sided.

Omashola narrated tonight’s ordeal to Cindy in the kitchen. According to him, he was admiring one of tonight’s stars – Osas Ighodalo until he found out that she is his friend’s wife. One could sense the embarrassment as he told Cindy but he quickly shook it off. Apparently, he told Osas of his relationship status and how very single he is.

Cindy listened attentively but not without saying, “There are single girls like us but you’re not seeing us oo”. Okay, girl, nice shot!

As always, we captured what Twitter had to say about this.

Tonight didn’t feature a fight in the House but it sure gave us a different side of the Pepper Dem Gang. Tacha and Diane bonding, Cindy not afraid to risk it all… what else are they willing to show us?

Source: Twitter - @Julezjacob, @MichieSbu, @vsheehama, @demega10, @PrecioussPearll. 

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