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Day 86: Far From Home

24 September 2019
From time to time, the Pepper Dem Gang get homesick and they leave us clues.

Even though the quest to win cash prize is enough to keep the Housemates in the House for 99 days and even longer, the Pepper Dem Gang still long for home. They put up a brave face every time, but every now and then one can tell how much they miss the place they once called home.

From people to tangible things, Housemates shared what reminds them of Home.

The People They Love

From a wife to lovers, daughters and even exes, the Housemates reminisced about the people that make home feel like home. It’s never an easy task to be far from the people you love even the ones you once loved. Every single thought of them triggered nostalgic memories leaving them torn between their quest for the prize and running home to them. Frodd’s memory of his mum had him in tears while Seyi spent late nights starring at a picture of his girlfriend.

The Tangible Things

It’s amazing how little things trigger nostalgic memories and remind you of a place you hold dear. From a bottle of yoghurt to music and the cars they drove, every little thing triggered thoughts of not just home, but the outside world. Most times the Housemates gathered together, they discussed fondly things they missed and were eager to get back to.


Not all of them found it easy to adhere to the rules of the Pepper Dem House. Biggie had a handful to deal with. From disobeying rules to occasional show of insubordination, The Housemates found it difficult to adjust to the House governed by rules. Some got Strikes while some got warnings. Before you rebuke them, you have to understand it can be quite difficult for adults who come from homes where they were free to live their lives as they well pleased to cohabit with people while adhering to House rules. It took them a lot of will power and every now and then we heard them express frustration as they longed for their homes where they enjoyed the freedom to be themselves and have their way like they were used to.

It's perfectly okay to get homesick especially after you’ve been away for almost 99 days, but one thing though, no matter how much they missed home, none of them were in any hurry to exit the Pepper Dem House. Sunday after Sunday they nervously wished they weren’t going to be the one to leave during the Live Eviction Show.

So far, the Pepper Dem Gang have been able to keep it together and as they draw close towards the end of the season, we can only hope, the memory of the Pepper Dem House they made a home will linger in their memories just like their true homes.

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