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Day 85: The Other Side of the Mirror

22 April 2018
Cee-C had a long conversation with herself in the mirror - and it reached Tobi by way of the mirror’s subtle power of diffusion
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Sadder and Sadder

Late at night, Cee-C stopped in front of the kitchen mirror and opened up her heart. Given she had not been able or willing to build alliances in the House, there really was no one she could turn to for a much needed listening heart and ear. So Cee-C told the mirror how incredibly hard her time in the House had been and how sadness had become a constant feature of her days.

More Than Words Can Say

As if having received Cee-C's words by magic, shortly after, Tobi got all soft and emotional while talking with Alex about his journey in the House. It seemed like he had many regrets about the turn of events and his involvement with Cee-C. Later in bed, Alex asked Tobi again if he was crying as he was covering his face with the blanket.

Nothing Left Unsaid

While Alex’s question remained unanswered, it would not be so easy to discard Cee-C and Tobi’s separate perspectives, for they are the flip side of the same mirror, that of a torn attraction to each other.  It would be a stretch too far and an airy speculation to attempt to envisage whether these two will sort their dilemma or even remain on talking terms once outside the House.

Happily Ever Laughter

But then again, Cee-C and Tobi have yet to discover the gifts that life has in store for them beyond the walls of the Double Wahala House, which will definitely help the water run faster under the bridge.

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