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Day 84: The 84th Diary Entry

21 April 2018
The Housemates reflect on their BBNaija journey and reveal what they regret the most.

If anything, the questions biggie asked today pretty much reminded the Housemates that their multi Million Naira race has about come to an end and their fates soon to be revealed. This had them involuntarily surfing the wave of nostalgia; missing home but clearly not ready to exit the cocoon they’ve been enclosed in for last three months.

Birds of The Same Flock

When asked how they were feeling, the lot seemed to be on auto pilot; gravitating towards a similar emotional dipole due to having dodged the same bullets. Although pretty calm, they were all left a bit uneasy by the fact that the torch would have reached its final destination come tomorrow night.

Beyond Thankful

Prompted by Biggie’s pattern of questioning, the Housemates thought back to their lives as students of both life and academia, and professionals trying to reach the highest points in their fields; reminiscing about the hopes and dreams they’d had and how being in the Big brother House was one of the dreams none of them imagined would come true. Although all five of them displayed emotion in their own unique ways, Nina and Alex had their emotional chords struck much harder, giving off a melody of sobs decorated with sincere gratitude.

Bonds Built and Broken

While not a lot was said by the rest of them when asked what aspects of the Game caught them off guard, Cee-C expressed her utter disappointment in the way her relationship with Tobi ended, mentioning also that while everyone seemed to have been oblivious of this fact, Tobi had in fact tried his best to get her out of the game. Furthermore, she highlighted her new found appreciation for friendship and like Tobi, Nina and Alex; is looking forward to seeing her family and being surrounded by people that are for and not against her.

It’s been quite a journey. 84 days of emotional explosions, frustration triggered breakdowns and victories; very high highs and very low lows and in Just 24 hours, the Housemate in whose favour the universe to conspired, will be revealed and until then, it’s anyone’s game.

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