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Day 84: Saying Goodbye With A Bang

21 April 2018
The Housemates enjoyed every moment at the party with DJ Sose on the decks, with King and LK Kuddy in their midst.
Party article

The Housemates closed the Saturday Night party with a bang and DJ Sose on the decks didn’t disappoint. Unlike the normal parties, the last one of the season was held in the Arena, with velvet ropes, a VIP section and everything else in-between, making it a perfect club setting. Not only did they have amazing outfits, the Housemates made it a point that everything about them this night in on perfect mode including makeup and accessories.

The Night Still Young

Normally, the Housemates would jump right into the party, grabbing drinks and hitting the dance floor same time but today was a little bit different. For the most part of the beginning, only Tobi and Alex exchanged dance moves on stage while others sat down.  The reality of it being their last party might have struck making them realise they’re finally saying goodbye to their extraordinary party nights. However, when the mood started blowing up and the music penetrating their souls, it wasn’t long before everyone joined in.

Electrifying Acts

The party was definitely a definition of ‘go big or go home’ when two acts were introduced to perform for the Housemate. LK Kuddy and King’s performances were highlighted by the Housemates embracing them and singing along to their songs. Additionally, the duo, long after their sessions had ended, joined the Housemates on stage and for a little while became part of them.

Forever The Dance Queen

If there was any reward for dancing in the Big Brother House, Alex would be crowned the dancer of them all. Week in and week out, she never disappoints on the dance floor and today was no different. With an exception today to the duration of the party which lasted for two hours, Alex, unlike her counterparts never left the stage.

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