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Day 84: Naps, Dreams and Platters

21 April 2018
After a morning of silence and reminiscing, the Housemates finally received their reward.

The bunch had quite a lazy start to the day and judging by the amount of snoozing, the lot found it difficult to get out of bed and face another day, especially with the knowledge that their fates would be decided in a mere 24 hours.

Alex and Tobi were the first to sight the sun and instead of moving out of bed, the duo reminisced on the one sided ‘shoutathon’, curtesy of Cee-C and Alex’s nightmares that saw them cuddle-sleep for the first time. Tobi said that he couldn’t help but smile and listen while Cee-C made all those remarks about him, adding that he felt she need to ‘cast herself’ and say all that she felt. Alex on the other hand spoke about how her imagination has influenced her dreams and resulted in her having terrible nightmares last night.  

Edible Rewards

Following Miracle’s umpteenth win, the Housemates were awarded an opportunity to choose their own plated niceties. Biggie delivered a couple of menus and they took some time to have conversations with their pallets and on census, order their preferred dishes.

After a while, the familiar doorbell rang and on cue, the Ninjas filed in with platters in hand. Having envisioned the dishes they’d ordered, the Housemates were visibly excited about their reward and on the Ninja’s signal, dashed towards the table and indulged.

Now more than ever, the Housemates seem excited to be going home and with just hours go till the long awaited finale, they can only hope that the 45 Million Naira tails them home.

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