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Day 84: Alex Is Her Mother’s Daughter

21 April 2018
Alex won the Dano Milk task and as a result, her mother's kitchen got refurbished.
Alex win

An emotional Alex couldn’t hold back tears when she was announced as the winner of the Dano Milk task which happened a few weeks ago. The poem which she wrote for her mother titled “I Am My Mother’s Daughter’ saw her as the overall winner and the message from her Mom touched her even more. Apart from winning the Head of House challenge, this was Alex’s first win and as talkative as she is, this time words failed her.

Oh Sweet Mama

Alex wrote the poem to her mom on the International Women’s Day and she sang nothing but praises for her dearest mother. Painting her as a flower that is as sweet as honey even when life throws her bitterness, Alex read the poem in front of her fellow Housemates and when the video was shown, sitting still was a difficult mission for her. Tobi even advised her to listen to her mother’s reply and then she tried being still. ‘A free but strong spirit that never accepts defeat’, that’s what Alex wrote of her mother.

Good With words

Alex seems to be good with words and this is something she's barely spoken about in the House, but her poem to her mom and apology to Cee-C shown an incredible display of words. Both writings showed in depth emotions and as though she likes talking, what she pens mostly is accompanied by great sense of meaning.

The Winnings

Dano Milk’s reward to Alex’s winning poem saw them refurbishing her mother’s kitchen. In her thank you reply, she spoke of how appreciative she is of her daughter. The newly refurbished kitchen with all its appliances wasn’t fully complete until, of course, the cupboards were filled with Dano Milk.

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