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Day 83: Easing The Tension

21 September 2019
Returning from the Arena Games of superheroes and villains, the Pepper Dem settled into some good-natured gists.

Reeling from the good news that they can order items from the shopping cart, Biggie’s guests prepared to make good use of this second chance.

Seed Of The Fart

Cindy, Seyi, Omashola and Frodd didn’t hesitate to reignite their desires to get a spa treatment as soon as Biggie mentioned it was available. Seyi and Cindy planned to have theirs together while Omashola chose Mike as his spa partner. According to Cindy, she chose Seyi because she was not ready to hear “Warri”.

Having settled this, the Housemates moved on to other topics and it was during this period that Omashola dropped a loud fart. Oh, the horror of it! Immediately, Cindy told Omashola not to start a war fart with her because it will be nasty. We believe her because some of the plans she mentioned for the ‘seed of the fart’ were too gross to write about.

A Smoky Birthday Request

Still, in chilling mode, Mercy while having a discussion with Diane made a birthday request. She said if she makes it to her birthday in the House, she will like to have shisha (hookah). When Diane heard this, she quickly countered it by saying, “No Biggie, we don’t want shisha. I don’t want to go back to my old ways.” Ike, on the other hand, thought otherwise as he said, “I think we can buy shisha.” We don’t know what the Housemates are turning Biggie’s House into, making certain requests.

This tweep takes sides with Diane though.

On Fave Movies

Mention a movie and Seyi has seen it. We mean, all of it!

It all started with Mike’s question “What are your top three movies”

This simple question unloaded a movie festival and we don’t blame them since most of them have not seen a movie in months. One by one they dropped their favourite movies and we had an insight into what kind of movies they spend their free time on. Interestingly, Mercy’s favourite movies all had an element of money in it and this user noticed it.

Some things are not straightforward for Frodd and movies are part of them. Names of movies escape his memory and when he tried to describe them, he had Mike in a knot. This Twitter user noticed it.

Then Frodd mentioned his favourite movie and certain things became clearer.

The light-hearted gists and laughter were necessary as it distracted them from the tension of the Ultimate VPH.

Source: Twitter - @Siphonstar, @iam_leendah, @oliviaswiftiam, @busolaidowu, @ohh_Titi

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