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Day 82: Till Sleep Do Us Part

20 April 2018
The committee of sleep has been a recurrent feature of the show, and not just for biological human needs. Sleep has filled in the time, helped deflate tensions, nurture bonds and also reverberate messages out to the entire House.
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If beds could talk, they would probably have a lot more to say about the Housemates they hosted throughout the season. The resting places of the Double Wahala cohort have witnessed perhaps much more than what the cameras captured. Most importantly, as holders of pillow talks and confessions, they have contributed to measuring the degree to which relationships formed and dissolved.

Arrangements between Friends

As soon as pairing happened, some Housemates were drawn to co-sleeping arrangements. Take Dee-One and Vandora for example, or Princess and Angel, or even Khloe and K.Brule before their Disqualification.

Blissfully Alone

Regardless of the amount of pheromones in the House, it seem as some Housemates were unwilling or unlucky in sharing the sacredness of their sleep with anyone. While some chemistry had started to form between Ifu Ennada and Bitto, both resolutely stayed in their respective single beds until their time came to an end. Ahneeka and Rico Swavey did also enjoy the comfort of rolling from one side to the other of their beds, unhindered. Yet until Khloe returned to the House to cuddle up to Rico, it is only Alex who had once co-slept with him.  

If Beds Could Talk

For others, sleep has been an escape and a retreat into a safe bubble, like for Nina and Miracle or Bambam and Teddy A. Their sleep etiquette has remained constant, regardless of the events in the House. Until Leo’s Eviction, Alex and him also formed a day and night partnership, that Alex extended to Tobi too. The same could be said about Anto and Lolu, whose bond grew much tighter after she was returned to the House.

Sleep Etiquette

It was indeed Cee-C herself who when Tobi became the first Head of House, had spontaneously volunteered to share the luxury bedroom suite with him and initiated their romance. With all this, she ended up spending many more lonely nights, a combination of her acrimonious fallout with Tobi and latent general resentment towards her bickering.

What did you think of the sleep arrangements in the House?

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