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Day 82: Swallowed It, Thorns and All

20 April 2018
The remaining Housemates have swallowed much more than they spit out.

From being thrown into ‘pair pools’ and being expected to swim strategically, to handling multiple Evictions that further displaced their focus from strategic excellence, the Housemates have certainly forcefully swallowed the most and to say they’re ‘full’ would be a total understatement and we’ll tell you why.

To Each Their Own Battle

Despite being overly dramatic and deemed ‘controversial’, Cee-C has swallowed more than her appetite allowed, resulting in her open defiance to the norms everyone else upheld. If having quarrelled with almost every other Housemate was an award category, she would be the deserving winner. Her pairing with Lolu bore very sour fruit that resulted in a double Strike and further alienation. Besides her other ‘misdemeanours’, Cee-C’s recent actions towards Tobi earned her yet another Strike but she still surfs above the wave that was meant to drown her.

Truth be told, Miracle’s journey has been rather straight forward and the only curves he’s had to stomach were the Eviction scares that were in fact collective. He was however labelled ‘weakest link’ for a while and has had a few confrontations added to his resume. Credit be given when due, his calmness and ability to avoid unnecessarily denoting bombs has seen him narrowly escaping Game threatening moves, consequently earning him a set in the finals.

Despite having been caught up in more than a few bicker-parties, Alex holds the record for arguably the most contrasting transition. From being locked up in a shell that only ever allowed her some breathing space on Saturday nights, to blossoming even out of season and being bashed for it. She was almost drowned out of the Game. Saying goodbye to bestie Vandora, recovering on Leo’s shoulder while getting to know Ifu Ennada only to them Evicted a short while after, her Game was recurved and she adjusted accordingly.

Initially misunderstood by his fellows due to be grid-locked into his relationship with Cee-C, then later losing the very relationship that bore the fruit of Alienation. The toxic residue from the messy parting resulted in Tobi having a slippery slope for a tongue and consequently earning a Strike and he’s recently had to swallow a rather embarrassing blow of insults carelessly hurled at him. His pieces have been reshuffled quite a number of times, but still he stands.

After a while of being ‘unfortunately’ positioned due to her age, Nina chested insults and blatant disrespect. Her separation from Miracle saw her swimming in strangely bitter waters and just when she thought she’d found her voice, insults were hurled at her. Her biggest downfall was when she and Miracle were at a bad place and could only find solace in cups of volume. Despite all this, Nina continued to find her voice and followed its echo to the final.   

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