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Day 81: Post-Drama Diaries

19 April 2018
After a rather dramatically eventful day. the Housemates let it all out in the Diary room.
BBN SP Article #1

The House was almost completely submerged in drama yesterday and judging by the amount of tension and division amongst the Housemates (not that it’s a new phenomenon), the incident that took place earlier in the day had deepened the crack on the walls and left a stench of ‘dislike’ in the House. Thanks to the Task, the Housemates involuntarily collaborated their efforts and curated the pieces they were to present during the main Task event, following their lack of success in flashing bright white smiles.

The Pages In My Diary

As always Biggie traditionally summoned each Housemates into the diary room and launched an emotional probe on each, asking them who they’d Nominate as the winner. While Nina, Miracle and Tobi went straight to the point and expressed themselves within the borders of the questions asked, Tobi travelled a mile further and shared just how disappointed and embarrassed he was by Cee-C’s slurs but at the same time, understood that she needed to get the hear off her chest.

Fruiless Seed

On the other hand, Alex went leggo on the issue and broke it down piece by piece; expression her utter disapproval of what happened to Tobi and not failing to mention just how she now realises that her conversation with Cee-C had absolutely no effect and bore no fruit.

A Burden Too Heavy to Carry

Cee-C on the other hand was more expressive that she usually is and following her very vaguely delivered apology to Tobi, she spoke about the weight she thought would be lifted afterwards but still felt terribly bad and burdened by her act of violence towards him. Shye did try to slide back into defensive mode but had her emotional side tapped into to, thanks to Biggie’s probe. It did look like Biggie’s advice on self-retrospection bore the desired effect and had Cee-C deep within herself; so much searching warranted a dip in the hot tub, wouldn't you agree?   

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