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Day 80: Catching Up With Team Legends

18 September 2019
Where two or more members of team Legends are gathered, the cruising never stops. (see what we did there?)

The Eviction of another team member does not stop team Legends from catching cruise whenever they are not at each other’s necks over food or Task preparations. Here’s how Tacha, Omashola and Frodd spent their morning.

The Phony Revelations

Social media allows people publicly share their thoughts and lifestyle with others and according to Tacha, Omashola and Frodd, it has become hard to know whom, where or what to trust.

However, in the midst of the phoney people that cloud social media, Frodd highlighted some ex Pepper Dem Housemates that have a huge following on Instagram and know how to gain traction on their social accounts. Highlighting KimOprah, Frodd revealed that he followed her on Instagram before they came into the House as Biggie’s guests, On this subject, “I even told KimOprah that I was following her before the show but she didn’t follow back,” he added.

In the bid to advise him, Tacha told Frodd that the issue he probably had outside the House with not having people follow him or reply his direct messages is because of his followers count. According to her, “you can’t follow two thousand people with only seven hundred following you back”.

To wrap up the conversation, the chairman of sending DMs like he self-proclaimed, said he would work on his social accounts henceforth. Well, we guess that would be after day 99, right Frodd?

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The “Unlooking” Chef

In the midst of the banter from team Legends was an unbothered Seyi, whipping up his breakfast and consciously not participating in the gist. Even after his cooking, one thought he would seize the opportunity to join in the chat as he ate on the dining table. However, sucre papito took on his invincible unlooking mask, while he ate quietly. As if to make it clear enough to anyone who was watching, he sat at the far end of the table to depict his non-engagement.

We reckon you could also feel the tension in the air which may imply that we might not be getting a reconciliation from Seyi and Tacha anytime soon. Or is it too early to judge?

1568811139 34 screenshot 2019 09 18 at 12.49.05 pm

Gym Tease

One thing all members of the Pepper Dem Gang do well is their funny workout routines at the Arena every morning. Frodd did not fail to point out how Tacha gets during gym time and Omashola chipped in as he highlighted Mercy’s lazy workout vibes as well.

To be fair, Frodd wrapped up the gist by concluding that all the Housemates are getting better every morning and Omashola agreed to this. Leaving the workout jokers aside, who should be crowned king of Arena workout sessions this Season?

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It’s day 80 in the Pepper Dem House and the Housemates are antsy, however, we can’t deny the fact that team Legends have an enviable bond in the House. Let’s see how well it’ll help them in the team Tasks ahead.

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